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Zoom Within a Multi Drawing Maintains Current Command
In Version 12, the current command is maintained when Zoom is used within a multi drawing. Previous versions of SoftPlan would require the command to be selected again.
  1. In a multi drawing select Item Erase. The upper left corner will indicate the command that is currently selected.
  2. Zoom to a different location within the multi drawing.
  3. After completing the zoom command, the Item Erase command will be functional without having to select it again.








Small Cursor on Very Tight Zoom
When using the zoom commands to zoom in on highly magnified area, there comes a point where at a certain zoom scale, the cursor has difficulty positioning itself on the 1/8” grid scale. Version 12 automatically switches to the small cursor in this case, which is a free floating cursor for ease of positioning. Once this scale is reached, the cursor will change appearance on the drawing screen to a smaller cursor with no crosshairs displayed. The cursor size is controlled by the Locate Tolerance ( Tools> Locate Tolerance). By default this is set at 1.






Zoom is Continuous
While performing a zoom within SoftPlan Version 12, in the event that the cursor leaves the drawing screen, the zoom action will not be canceled. Rather, upon returning the cursor to the drawing screen the zoom box will pick up with the cursor allowing for a continuous zooming action. In the past, the zooming action would have been canceled, forcing the reselection of the zoom command.






Zoom Blocked from Going Too Small
Version 12 has improved the Zoom feature, Zoom In has been blocked from going in too small. This will make it easier when you are working in a small area on the drawing as the cursor will move in a smoother, more consistent motion.