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Wall Framing Label

SoftPlan Version 12 has added the ability to now configure the Wall Framing Label display of a generate wall panel drawing. You are able to select between Width & Depth, Depth & Width, or No Dimensions.

In order to demonstrate this feature, you will need to be in the Framing Mode within SoftPlan. If you do not have a drawing to use, simply select one of our sample drawings provided with the program.

  1. Select Draw > Add ID.
  2. Add ID numbers to the walls in plan.
  3. Select Draw > Options.
  4. Within the Framing Options menu which appears, you will see the Wall Label field. By default this will be set to Width & Depth.
  5. Select Width & Height. Select OK.
  6. Select Draw > Generate Drawing > Wall Panel.
  7. Give the Wall Panel drawing a name to be saved under. Select Save.
  8. Your newly generated Wall Panel drawing will now be visible on your screen.













Metric Wall Framing Material Configuration
SoftPlan Version 12 will now allow Wall Framing Options to be configured for either Width x Depth or Depth x Width. Choice of configuration will depend on whether the design is metric or imperial.
  1. Go to Framing mode.
  2. Select Draw > Add ID to identify the wall being generated.
  3. Select Draw > Options > set the Dimensions Options Wall Label.
  4. Select Draw > Generate Drawing > Wall Panel .
  5. From the Save As menu, type in a name for the wall panel drawing.
  6. The wall will be labeled using the setting and Id assigned.








Concrete and Block Walls will Generate on the Framing Mode Plan Drawing
Within framing mode, SoftPlan version 12 will generate all concrete and concrete block walls as part of the framing plan drawing. Previously only framed walls were generated.
  1. Draw > Generate Drawing > Plan View.
  2. At the prompt, type the name the drawing.
  3. Press the save button and SoftPlan will generate a drawing depicting the studs and masonry walls.






Horizontal Blocking (Bucks) can be Added

Version 12 has added a Horizontal Blocking (bucks) option to the wall definitions. This option can be set at either the Drawing level or the System level.

  1. Load a drawing in SoftPlan.
  2. Go to File > Drawing Options\System Options > Define Wall > Edit.
  3. Select a wall that is on the drawing.
  4. In the Framing section, place a checkmark in ‘Blocking’. Set the spacing required and if the blocking should be staggered, place a checkmark in the ‘Staggered’ box.
  5. Click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the wall edit menu.
  6. Take the drawing into ‘Framing’ mode and generate a framing drawing. The wall that has been defined to have blocking will show the horizontal framing pieces.









Pressure Treated Walls Display in Framing Drawings
Version 12 has the ability to display walls defined with pressure treated materials in Framing mode. Set up a Wall definition containing Plate(Pressure Treated) or Lumber (Pressure Treated). Then switch to Framing mode. The wall materials will be visible. At this point it is possible to generate the wall panel diagrams.