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6" Concrete Wall Definition Added to Lite

Banding Finish Options Added
When drawing banding, a list of default finish options is available. A profile view of these options is available in the Draw Polygon box.

Banding Profile Added

Block Cut of a Raked Wall Maintains Plate Heights

Blocking (Framing) in Curved Wall Improved

Cover Floor Option Added to Edit
When selected the outside wall material is ectened to cover the floor system. This was formerly done only if sub-floor was present.

Corner Board Size Can Be Edited on an Individual Basis

Curved Wall Appearance Improved in 3D

Curved Wall Change Wall Properly Maintains the Outside Radius of the Wall

Definition Option Added to Wall Edit Dialog
This feature opens up the Wall Definition dialog for the selected Wall. The wall definition can then be edited for the wall type selected.

Fit To Stair Command Added to the Edit Wall Dialog

Inner Most Alignment Option Added To Edit Wall and Change Wall
When the change wall command is used the option to align walls using the inner most part of the wall is now available.

New Wall Textures Block Reversed Added

Rake Bottom Command Added

Select & Edit Multiple Fields at the Same Time on Wall Definition Dialog

Step Wall Command Added
Based on the inputs of number, length, height and start point of step, the Step Wall command takes the existing wall and automatically creates individual wall sections of required length, height and offset.

Stone Walls Added to the Extended Wall List

Strapping Wall Material Added

Stucco B Added to Wall Materials

Stud With Drywall on One Side Added to Remodelers Wall Definition

Tar Material Added

Wall and Beam Definitions Can Utilize Profiles

Wall Join Tolerance of Zero Allowed

Wall Joins Improved in Situations Where Short Walls Join Each Other

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