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Wall Framing

Add Header Command Added

This command is used to place a single header over multiple openings.


Blocking on Raked Walls Improved

Draw Select Will Select Individual Studs

Framing Dimension Defaults Added to Character Setup

Individual Studs Can Be Added, Removed, or Relocated

Individual Studs Can Be Extensioned/Dimensioned

Header Position Within Wall Thickness Added to Edit Dialog - Inside, Outside, Spaced

Jack Stud Count Option Added and Number of Jack Studs Can Be Specified on Opening Edit

Pocket Doors Framing Improved

Studs Can Be Modified from 2x to 4x for Shear Wall Applications

Snap Located Points on Individual Studs

Stud Spacing of Individual Walls Can Be Changed

Stud Thickness Can Be Changed on Individual Wall Types

Studs and Modified Studs Display in Different Colors in Framing Mode

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