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  Always Face North Option Added to Symbol Definitions
The Always Face North Selection has been added to the Symbol Definitions. This feature is used to ensure a north arrow symbol always points in the correct direction.
  Attribute Fields Added to Symbols
Attribute fields have been added to Symbols. These are user definable text fields contained within the Symbol that can be modified without exploding the Symbol.  Attributes can be used, for example, to fill out items like a sheet number on a title block by editing the title block symbol and selecting the Attribute tab.
  Chair Library Added
  A library of chair styles has been added to the Symbols Library.
  Cuts Countertop Option Added to Symbol Configuration
  Details Symbols Library Added
  Over 150 new detail symbols have been added to the Details folder. These include standard 2"x6" details and the contents of the SoftPlan Details CD developed by West Coast CADD.
  Dining Table Symbols Library Added
  Draw Select Works With Single Plane Symbols Such as Rendering Shrubs
  Enhanced Symbol Libraries
Several of the existing symbol libraries have been enhanced. The enhancements include the addition of hundreds of highly detailed textured 3D models.  The furniture libraries include new folders of armchairs, beds, chairs, sofas, stools, coffee tables, dining tables, and end tables. The vehicles folder includes European and American models for several cars of different size and color.  Additions to the decorative post library contain 20 highly detailed columns; Corinthian and Doric for example.
  Enhanced Tree Libraries
  The Tree Libraries have been enhanced in Version 14.  The additions for use within SoftView include Palm Tree, Medium Surface Count, and High Surface Count tree libraries.
Outdoor Furniture Library Added
A library of outdoor furniture has been added to the Symbols library.

Stool Library Added
A library of stools has been added to SoftPlan.

Symbol Wizard Automatically Creates 2D Symbols of Imported 3D Symbols

Symbols Will Snap Into Corners on Placement

Tropical Trees Library Added
A library of 55 tropical renderings trees has been added to the symbols library to enhance the photo realistic look of 3D renderings.

Typical Details For 2 x 6 Framing Added to the Existing 2 x 4 Details
Details for 2x6 Framing have been added to the Symbols library.

Vent Libraries Replaced

Visible In All Modes Added to the Edit Dialog

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