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Butler Pantry, Storage Room, Screened Porch, Deck Room, Game Room, Patio, Mud Room, and Hearth Room Added

Ceilings Added to Items That Are Placed When a Room Is Used

Design Size Option Added
In Room Mode edit, select Design Size; a rounded size is added to the drawing. These sizes are enabled on an individual room basis, and would typically be associated with design or presentation drawings.

Fill Can Be .JPG, .BMP, TIF, or .PNG Textures

Pen Setting Added to Room Labels

Rooms Added to Type Erase

Type Erase of Rooms is located Under Individual Items selection.


Room Finish Schedule Added
The Roof Finish Schedule command has been added. Information for Ceiling, Flooring, Wall Covering, Baseboard, Chair Rail, Crown Mold, and Bulkhead for all the floors in the house can be automatically added to the schedule.

Room Names Have Access to Text Properties: Bold, Italic, and Hollow and All Underline Styles

Room Names Reverse

Symbols Can Be Moved in Room Mode

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