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Add Shed Roof Command Added

Adjust a Roof Reference Point onto a Curved Wall and the Roof Edge Becomes Curved

Apply Gable Command Added

Arc Roof Profile Improved

Auto Roof Improved

Auto Roof Works Across Multiple Floors

Auto Stick Frame; Placement Improved

Clip Roof to Wall Command Added

Color Added to Roof Planes in Plan

Cricket Placement on Intersect Roof Edges Improved

Dimension and Extensions Added to Valley/Ridge of a Double Hip

Dominate Selection Added to Roof Edge Edit

Draw Roof Plane (3 Sided) Added



Dutch Gable Extensions and Dimensions Can Be Added

Dutch Gable Roof Improved

Dutch Gable Hip Portion of the Dutch Gable Can Have a Pitch Different from the Adjacent Hip Roof Planes

Edit Roof Edge Easier to Select from SoftView

False Gables That Reference a Beam Move Up the Roof When Moved

Fascia & Soffit Improved on Multiple Floor Roof

Fascia Extraction Improved

Fit to Roof Works on a False Gable

Fit Wall to Roof on Multiple Floor Roofs Improved

Gable Roofs That Are Offset and Intersecting Are Improved

Gable Vents Have the Same Trim Options as Regular Openings

Gutter Can Be Added to a Roof Edge That Does Not Have a Fascia

Intersect Edges Can Have Two Pitches

Match Roof Planes Automatically Sets the Wall to Fit to the Roof Plane

Match Roof Planes Command Improved

Plate Heights Display Different Heights in Different Colors

Reference Points Set to Ignore Wall Display in Construction Color

Ridge Can Be Extensioned and Dimensioned

Ridge Cap Entry Added to SoftView Extraction Options Dialog

Roof Edges With Horizontal and Vertical Pitches Are Ignored When the Pitch of the Entire Roof Is Changed

Roof Type Option Added to Edit (Cricket, Saddle, False Gable, Bay and Opening)

Saddle Edit Improved

Shed Roof Fascia and Soffit Formation Improved

Shed Roof Formation Improved

Snap Points Added

Soffit Formation Improved

Soffit on Roof on Opening Improved

Type Erase Entry for Roof Added

Valleys Formed By Intersecting Planes of Different Roofs Display in Plan

Walls Used in Multiple Floor Roof Are Available to Snap

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