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3D Review Added

SoftPlan reView 3D allows SoftPlan reView users to send the 3D SoftView model to clients for viewing.  The free reView client viewer will allow full navigation, outside and inside, of the SoftView authored 3D model.  The clients will view the model in the mode that it was authored in. For example, if a model was in sketched mode when it was authored, then it will appear sketched to the client.  Traditionally client model viewing is accomplished via animation files that are time consuming to create, quite large in size, and limited in what they show. reView 3D provides a much more dynamic client experience.

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"I recently, designed a home for a builder and created a 3D interior and exterior model in reView 3D. When the builder showed the 3D reView file to the buyers, the contract for the house was signed that day!"

Steve Haarmann
Design Works Home Plan Services, Inc.
Gainesville, GA
Sample Models
3D reView file
Sketched Model
Illustrated Model
Textured Model
Textured Model with Furniture
Click this link to install SoftPlan reView and view 3D models.

Batch Export Option Allows Multiple Drawings to Be Selected and Utilize the Same Setting

Box Added to Markup

.DWF Import and Export Added to Review
.DWF Import and Export has been added to SoftPlan review. This allows SoftPlan reView users to import and export the Autodesk® file format

Files Created in Room Mode Display Properly

Mark-Up Arrow Added

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