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  Arch Chamfered Maintains the Size of the Chamfer As the Width of the Arch Is Changed
  Baseboard Wraps Around Arch Openings if No Other Trim Is Added
  Bottom of Opening Position Field Added
Cased Openings Added to Arch Library
  A cased style opening can has been added to the Arch library.
  Center Opening Now Asks to Center on the Inside of the Room or the Outside of the Building Where Applicable
When centering openings, you may now choose between centering them along the inside of the room or the outside of the building.
  Colonial Trim for Openings Added to Profiles
Corner Blocks Added to Opening Trim
  Double Entry Doors Added to Default Library
  The double entry door has been added to the doors library.
  Elevation Opening Trim Can Be Added to Layers and Building Options

  Ellipse Shaped Openings Have Multiple Radi
  Face Sliding Door Type Added
  Grille Thickness Option Added
In the Material Dimensions for Opening Options, SoftPlan now allows the user to set a thickness for grilles.
  Grilles on Polygon Type Opening Improved
  Header Span Tables Updated to Meet 2006 IRC
  Interior Trim Has All the Properties of Exterior Trim Including Profiles, Corners, and Overhang
  Number of Grilles Can Be Specified
  Only Openings Included in SoftList Appear on the Opening Schedule
  When generating an Opening Schedule, by default the Only add openings included in SoftList feature is turned on. Using this feature, only openings that will be counted in SoftList will be added to your Opening Schedule.
  Opening ID Placement Improved
  Opening Offset Within Wall Thickness Set at the Instance Level
  Opening Schedule Will List Frame Width (Jamb Size)
  Opening Size Placement Has Been Refined
  Opening Text, Product Code, ID, Size, Rough Opening Can Be Automatically Added to Saved Elevations
  Opening Trim Can Be Inset into the Wall as With Frieze, Corner Boards, and Banding
  Opening Trim on Interior Non Symmetrical Walls Places Interior Trim On Both Sides of the Wall
Prarie Style Grille Added
A praire style grille can be added to a window through selecting the praire style option on the grille tab.
  Profile Mode Highlights the Opening Being Edited
  Renumber Opening Id’s Command Added
  This special command  in Version 14 helpfully renumbers all openings on drawings in the assembled floors list to remove any gaps.
  Screen Option Added for SoftList
The screen option may be checked on an opening. This is used for the purpose of SoftList making an accurate materials calculation.
  Separate Interior Trim Control Added for Above, Below, And Sides
  Tall Doors Added to Libraries
   Typical  7' 0" and 8' 0" have been added to SoftPlan's opening libraries.
Taper Option Added to Trim

Opening Trim Taper option has been added to the Exterior Trim tab of the Edit Opening dialog.  This option forces the sides or ends of the trim above the opening to follow the slope of the Keystone.  This can be used to create sloped soldier courses or to angle the end of wood or stucco trim.

Tempered Glass Column Added to Opening Schedule
Tempered glass  and grille have been added to the opening schedule as an option to be added.
  Trim on Complex Shapes Improved

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