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Ability to Lock Layers Feature Added
A Lock selection is available on the Layer Setup dialogs.  Items assigned to the Layer cannot be erased or moved.

Default Layer Added to the Setup Dialog

Layer Names Can Be Specified for Export Files  

Layer Setup Dialog Accessible Directly from Toolbar  
Changes made to layers such as adding items to layers, naming layers, and setting visibility may be made through the layer setup dialog which is now accesible directly from the toolbar.

Layers Added to Type Erase  

Multiple Selection Enabled on Setup Dialog  
Mutiple cells can be edited at the same time using CTRL + Shift.

Print Pen Options Added to a Layer Set-Up to Override Other Pen Settings  




Select Layer Added to Options Menu


Table Columns Are Resizable  
The sizes of columns in the layers table can be resized to fit  

Unlimited Number of Layers Can Be Created  
Users can now create an unlimited number of layers with the Create New Layer feature found in the Layer Setup of System Options.

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