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Add End Panel Option Added to Rod & Shelf


Drawings in Memory Are Indicated With a Graphic Icon on the Status Bar Drawing List


Elapsed Time Has Reset Option Added

Multi Drawing Zoom and Pan Can Be Used While Placing a Drawing Within the Multi
The ability to zoom and pan when placing a drawing on the multidrawing has been improved.

Information Popup Added to Right Mouse Button
Selecting the right mouse button presents a context appropriate menu. If there are multiple items near the cursor, a locate type menu appears. The menu selection then changes depending on the type of object under the cursor to display appropriate drawing actions.  If no object is under the cursor, a mode appropriate draw menu will appear. This feature greatly reduces the amount of mouse movement required when working in SoftPlan, enhancing the drawing speed.
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Multi Drawing Displays Current Mode in Drawing Selection Dropdown When Multiple Copies Present in Drawing
When multiple copies  are present in drawing, multi drawing displays the current mode in the drawing selection dropdown.

Rod & Shelf Command Allows Multiple Shelves
The Rod & Shelf edit allows for placement of multiple shelves. Users control the number, depth, offset, and spacing of the shelves. This is useful in designing closets, as well as, for items such as bookshelves, if the rod is excluded.

Rod & Shelf Settings Added to System and Drawing Options
Settings for rod and shelf may now be modified using System and Drawing Options. Edit defaults for thickness, offset, spacing and more of rod and shelf.

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