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Dimensions & Extensions

Auto Dimension Added to Default Toolbar

The auto dimension icon is now available in the dimension icons group on the default tool bar.


Auto Extension & Dimension Command Added
The Auto Dimension and Extension Command has been added to System Options.  When selected, the dimension and extensions are placed on items such as walls and openings as they are drawn.

Distance Command Ignores Notes
When using the Distance command, SoftPlan automatically ignores notes.

Distance Command Includes Countertops
The distance command now includes countertops when calculating the distance between two objects.

Drawing Dimension Options Reset to System Added

To return dimension options to the system defaults for a drawing, a reset to system command is now available in the Dimension Options dialog.


Edit Dimension Can Split the Difference
When a dimension line is edited you can choose to split the difference and apply half the change in each direction.

Extension Start Distance Value Added to Dimension Options

Inner String Placement Dimension Option Added

Items Dimensioned via Dimension Point Can Be Relocated Via an Edit of the Dimension
Dimensions placed using the Dimension Point feature can be edited and used to relocate items.

Metric Dimension Edit Displays in Drawing Units
Metric dimensions when edited retain the unit specified.

Move a Dimension Will Attach on all the Dimensions in the String Move

Railing Post Uses Shape Extension Option for Placement
Extensions can now be drawn from the edge or the center of a railing post.

Repeat Edit to Dimension
Dimensions can now be modified via Repeat Edit.  Both the Dimension value and the direction arrow, which indicates what items to move, are repeated.
Set Distance Between Has Access to the Attach Flag

Set Distance Between Will Work When One of the Locations Is the End of a Wall

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