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Cross Section

Cut Lines Can Be Added to any Drawing in the Assemble Floors List
A section line can be placed on any floor in the assembled floors list. A cross section can then be generated using these section lines.

  Lines in Elevation Are on a Different Layer Than Lines in Section on a Saved Cross Section

When a Cross Section is saved, items in the Elevation are automatically saved to a different layer than a line from the same type of item that is cut by the section line.  For example, the footing lines that display in the background are placed on Layer "Footing.” The footing lines cut by the section are placed on layer "Footing X."  This will make the lines and pens easier to manage.


  Save Elevations, Sections, and Roof Plans Has an Option to Control What Items Are Replaced if a Previous Version of a Drawing Exists
  If a generated drawing like an elevation or section is saved over an existing version of the same drawing, any items that were placed on the original can be automatically merged into the new drawing.  To change a gable roof to a hip on a fully annotated, dimensioned, and painted elevation is as simple as saving the revised elevation and opting to maintain the user drawn items from the original.

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