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Adjust of Cabinet Run Allowed

Allow Countertop Property Added to Symbol
When seleted, a run of cabinets will automatically build the symbol into the cabinet run.

An Exploded Countertop Maintains a Dashed Line Type
When the countertop symbol is exploded, the countertop maintains its dashed line type on plan.

Area Added to Countertop Tab on Edit Cabinet Dialog

Auto Cabinet Placement Improved

Cabinets on Cross Sections Are Saved as Symbols

Cabinets Can Now Have Legs Added
Legs can be added to cabinets. They will be represented in both the elevation and 3D views.

Cabinets with Different Heights Show a Break Line in Plan
Adjacent base, desk, vanity, and tall cabinets of differing heights show a break line in plan view.

Countertop Length Added to Edit Dialog Cabinet  
When editing a countertop, the edit dialog now provides the length and area of the countertop for user reference.  

Countertops Have a Linestyle Option
When editing Countertops, the user can now specify the type of linestyle that is used to outline the countertop.

Countertops Adjacent to Each Other at Different Heights Display Overhangs

Doors Can Be Removed
The cabinets library now offers a cabinet style in which doors have already been removed.

Join Cabinet Option Added to Edit Cabinet Run Tab
By default a run of cabinets is joined using the Join Cabinet feature. Deselecting this item allows individual cabinets to maintain their lines and names.

Microwave Cabinet Added to Wall Cabinets

Name Override Added

Outside Corner Cabinets Added
This cabinet type forms an outside corner.

Snap Points Added to Elevation Cabinets
The Snap tool can now be used on elevation cabinets

Top Height Added to the Run Tab on the Edit Dialog
Making changes to the Top Height of a run of cabinets allows you to position the entire run at the same time.

Top Height Field Option Added When Placing Cabinets
During the initial configuring of a cabinet the Top Height field is available. The Top Height field is important when setting the height position of the Wall cabinets, and in generating 3D images of cabinets.

Top Surface Extracts with a Material Thickness
All cabinets that do not have a countertop or have their countertop turned off on cabinet edit, receive a top surface with a thickness. This is useful in creating a bookcase style cabinet.

Two Drawer Style Cabinets Added
A two drawer style cabinet is now available in the library of cabinets.



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