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Beam End Profile
The beam end style can be specified in edit beam end style, in addition to the Plumb and Rake settings with the ability to set the profile through Beam. This is set by assigning a user definable profile and is used for creating items such as decorative pergolas.

Beams Can Be Added in Roof Mode
Beams can be added in Roof mode. This function is useful when creating ridge and valley beams. Like other beams drawn in SoftPlan, beams added in Roof Mode can be edited to meet design specifications.
Dimension and Extension Placement Control Added

The placement of dimensions and extensions on beams can now be specified using the Dimension and Extension Format Option in Systems Options. Beams previously used the wall setting.

  Fit to Roof or Ceiling Added
  Length Displayed in the Edit Dialog

When editing a beam, the length of the beam is displayed in the edit dialog.

  End Style Selection Added
  The end style of a beam can now be set to either Plumb or Rake.

Profiles Added to Beams Ends Allowing for Creations of Shapes
Beam Materials can be defined with user defined Profiles.  The Profile shapes are stacked directly on top of each other when the wall is viewed in SoftView.  A Log wall is an example of a material that would be defined this way.
  Steel Beams with Plates Added

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