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Area Exclude Rectangle Command Added
Area Exclude options have been added to Area Mode. Using an exlude command allows sections of an enclosed area to be excluded from the total area

Area Schedule Command Added
An area schedule may now be generated using either the current drawing or drawings from the assembled floors list. The Generate Schedule dialog provides this option when generating an area schedule.


Color Added to the Area Tally Box
To easily indicate each area, color swatches have been added to the area tally box for user reference.

Drawings in Assembled Floor List Option for Schedules

Allows the schedule report data from all floors on the Assembled Floor List.


Duplicate Added to Area
The Edit > Duplicate command will act on Areas; to change Area Type for example.

Repeat Edit Added to Area
The Edit > Repeat Edit command will act on Areas; to change Area Type for example.

Show Polygon Shaded in Visible Items Will Shade Area
If you select Options > Visible Items > Show Polygon Shaded this will displays areas with a shade rather than a hatch pattern. Note that the shade is for display only and it does not print.