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.3DS File & SketchUp® Files Import/Export Added to SoftView
The new Symbol Wizard command allows 3D symbols to be imported directly from SketchUp®.  3DS files, the native file format for 3D studio®, can also be imported directly by the Symbol Wizard.  The addition of .3DS and .KMZ to the existing .DXF and .DWG should make most 3D content available for import into SoftPlan.

A Close SoftView Selection Is Available When a Model Is Extracting

Add Floor System Added to Draw in SoftView

Alpha Maps Included For Any Symbols with Transparent Properties

Animations Can Be Created for Non-Rendered Modes: Wire Frame, Visible Line, Shaded, Sketch, Illustrated, and Textured

Assemble Floors May Contain Unlimited Number of Floors

Auto Horizon Offset Option Added to Setup Options

This option moves the automatically generated horizon line up or down the 3D model. As soon as a site plan is present the auto horizon is disabled.

Backgrounds Can Be Defined for Each Different Mode of an Otherwise Identical View

Center Focus Command Added to Camera Dialog

Display Silhouette Render Option Added

Distance Command Added to SoftView

Draw Ceilings Added

Draw Opening Command Added
The Draw Opening command is available in SoftView.  This allows placement of windows and doors directly onto the 3D model, elevation, or cross section.

Draw Profile Added to SoftView
Version 14 allows many items to be drawn or placed directly on the 3D model. In addition to items such as roofs and openings, a new item type, Profile, can be added directly to the model. A user defined shape is extruded along a three dimensional poly line. This can be used to place items such as a complex frieze.

Draw Room Added
Allows Room definitions to be placed from within SoftView.

DWG and DXF Export of a SoftView Model Includes Textures
Textures from the SoftView model can now be exported into DWG and DXF format.

Enhanced Texture Libraries
The Texture library has been enhanced.  Approximately 2 GB of textures are included on a separate 3D symbols and textures DVD.  These textures include backgrounds, bricks, concrete, site, roofs, stone, and more. The textures are tileable where applicable.  Appropriate Height maps and Alpha maps are also included where applicable.

Go To Room Added To Build And Camera Menus

Highlight Command Can Be Cancelled with the Esc Key

Illustrated Mode Added
SoftView contains Illustrated mode which presents the model in a less rigid way. Illustrated shows the model as it would appear drawn in pen and ink.  This mode allows for the optional inclusion of textures and shadows to create varied appearance within the mode.

Lighting Can Now Be Turned on or Off in Each Mode

Lines Are Placed on Separate Layers Based on Type When Saving an Elevation or Section

POV Export Added

Relief Depth Property Added to Materials

Save All Added to the File Menu

Save Elevations, Sections, and Roof Plans Has an Option to Control What Items Are Replaced if a Previous Version of a Drawing Exists

Sketched Mode Added
SoftView contains sketched mode. This presents the model in a less rigid way. Sketch emulates a hand sketched look and allows for the optional inclusion of textures and shadows to create varied appearance within the mode.



Smoothing Option Added
By default, this feature is checked giving a texture a more rounded appearance.To create a squarer, rougher appearance for a texture, the Smoothing Option can be turned off.

Snap Added

Textures From the SoftView Model Can Now Be Exported into the .DWG or .DXF Format

Texture Preview Speed Increased

Texture Size Is Expressed as a Distance Value Rather Than a Magnification

Type Erase Entry Added for SoftView Lights

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