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Dimensions Ignore Walls in Floor System, Ceiling, and Roof Modes
Extension lines can be drawn from walls while in Roof, Floor System, and Ceiling modes. This allows control over wall positioning through the use of extensions and dimensioning between them. Interior Dimension strings alone would be used for controlling the framing or slab information drawn in the specific modes. Extensions recognize walls, while dimensions on their own do not. This gives an easy way by using the two methods to cover all options required for dimensioning a framing or slab plan.
  Import/Export Command Added
  Version 13 offers a much more flexible way of customizing Wall lists. One benefit is the ability to pick and choose what specific walls to Import and Export from the list. You can choose individual or groups of walls for transfer. Another new benefit is the ability to take Walls that were created within an existing Drawing and adding them to the System to use again in another project. When Exporting, you can select which walls are to be saved to a File. When Importing, you can select which walls to take from the System to the Drawing level; the Current Drawing to the System level, or from an exported File.
  Radius Walls Displays a Center Point
The Cursor Snap command is now able to locate the Center radius point of a curved wall.
  Wall Selection Dialog Made Larger
  The dialog where a wall is selected to draw will now display with a longer listing. This saves time from having to scroll through a shorter list, as well as, allowing to more easily make a selection.