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Wall Framing

Add Plate Under Header Option Added
A new Framing option for ‘Add Plate under Header’ is available to automatically add a plate between the header and top of the opening.
Adding Additional Slab Footings to an Existing Structural Slab
The ‘Slab Footings’ command has been added to Floor System mode. This command will allow placing additional footings beneath load bearing walls. Slab Footings will tie into the footings from Structural Slabs. This is useful for generating monolithic slabs or floor beam (grade beam) systems.
Align Studs on Floor Joist Option Added
The ‘Align studs on Floor Joist’ option has been added to the Wall Edit. By selecting this option, SoftPlan will align the studs of the selected wall to align with the joists running in the same direction. The alignment is determined by the largest joist span along the selected wall.
Corner Style Single Stud Added
New options for how the studs are framed at corners have been added to the Framing options. These options are available in the ‘Form Corner’ selection. They include Single Stud and 4 studs.
  Edit Slab Edges and Footings on Structural Slabs
Individual Slab edges can be edited on Structural Slabs and the new Slab Footings to set the properties for each.
Edit Walls in Framing Mode
Version 13 allows changing framing options on an individual basis with a Wall Edit. The Framing menu appears for the selected wall, where properties can be changed, such as: the ID number, how the wall ends are forming with adjoining walls, and the stud placements in the wall.
  Framing Style Can Be Differentiated on Each End of a Wall
Now that Version 13 provides editing walls on an individual basis, this gives the flexibility of defining different Stud framing options for each wall end.
Generate Non-Framing Walls Option Added
With the ‘Generate Non-Framing walls’ option selected, non-framed walls such as ICF, concrete or other wall panel systems can be generated into Wall Panel diagrams and Plan view diagrams by using ID numbers.
  Show Electrical Holes Option Added
This new Framing option will indicate cutouts in Wall panel construction wherever basic Electrical services have been placed along walls. These will be represented as boxes in Framing mode, as well as, the generated Wall panel and Plan View diagrams. Offsets are determined by the offset assigned to the Electrical symbol.
  Stud Offset Option Added
This feature can be accessed on a Wall Edit in Framing mode. The Stud Offset allows entering an offset distance for the stud which will be from the beginning of the wall to the beginning of the second stud. This offset distance is based on the selected Start Side of the wall.