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Visible Items

Deck Outline Option Added to Visible Items
Display a simple deck outline by turning on the Deck Outline option under the Visible Items menu. This will toggle on and off the display of the Deck Outline with a single line. This allows turning off other deck information such as ring joists, joists, decking, etc. to create a clear deck area on the plan.
Display Everything Option Added
This is a global setting which will turn on the display for all items in all modes. When it is turned off the settings will go back to the previous selections.
Mode Visibilities Added to System Options
Easy access to the Visible Items menu for all modes is provided in the Mode Visibilities menu. The menu provides the ability to select what items will display as a default in each individual mode. This can be setup under the System Options or Drawing Options.
Paint in Symbols Added
Paint in Symbols has been added as an option to Visible Items. This controls the display of the paint which can now be saved in Symbols.
Plate Height Available for Display in Ceiling Mode
The Plate Heights can now be turned on for display in Ceiling mode. This is helpful for determining levels of ceilings to be added. It is found under the Roof section.
Show Non-Printable Items Option Added
The option for Show non-printable items is on as a default. When turned off it will hide the display of non-printable items, like reference edge circles, construction lines and points.
SoftView Items, Camera, Target, Lights Available For Display in Plan Modes
The new section for SoftView lights can control the display of the Camera and Lights. These options can be turned on for additional plan modes such as Drawing, Electrical, Site, and reView.
  Visible Items Control 117 Individual Types of Items
The new format for the Visible Items menu provides the flexibility to control the display within separate modes to make selections based on groups of items belonging to different modes. This expands the options tremendously for being able to customize all of the display information into one menu.