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  3D Symbol Preview Is Textured Rather Than Wire Frame

The 3D Symbol preview now shows the assigned textures rather than a wire frame model. This gives a closer representation of how symbols will display when they are generated in SoftView renderings.

  Additional 3D Symbols Added
More 3D Symbols have been added to the Libraries to use in Version 13.
  Always Face Camera Option Added to Symbol Definition
With Always Face Camera turned on, the Symbol will always be at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the camera. Therefore the complete face (plane) of the Symbol will always fully be seen from every angle of the 3D animation. This can be used for items such as Rendered Trees or Shrubs.
  Ignore Walls Option Added to Symbol Definition
Symbols are designed to automatically snap to walls if they are drawn near one. If the option for ‘Ignore Walls’ is turned on for a symbol, the symbol can be drawn freely without the possibility of it snapping to a nearby wall. This option is useful for symbols such as Details or others that would not need to reference a wall.
  Mechanical Symbol Library Added
Mechanical Symbols are more easily located now that they are maintained in a separate library.
  Orientation Option Added to Allow a 3D Symbol to Be Rotated in 3D Space
This feature is used to change the orientation of a 3D .DXF symbol to match the orientation of the associated 2D symbol. The first option to select would be to ‘Choose Top of Symbol’ which allows selecting which of the possible 6 sides will become the top (bird’s eye). More selections for rotating or mirroring can be made to orient the symbol as needed to match the 2D symbol, as it will be drawn on the plan. The 2D and 3D aspects should be the same.
  Paint Saves to Symbols
To display more of a contrast between Symbols and other items, the Symbols can be filled with a Paint pattern. This will control how Symbols display on screen, as well as, the assigned pen for the Paint pattern can control how the filled symbol is printed with regard to color (or shading). Some SoftPlan symbols have already been created to contain solid Paint so that they can be distinguished in Room mode.
  Railings Can Be Added to Stairs and Then Saved in Symbols
A complete stair including railings can now be saved to the Stair Library. This saves having to edit Symbol Stairs once drawn to turn on the railings.
  SoftView Light Sources Save to Symbols
Symbols and Electrical Symbols that contain lights now include embedded SoftView light sources which will be reflected in the 3D model. This makes Version 13 more versatile with regard to lighting conditions. By simply placing these symbols on the plan, it is possible to instantly illuminate aspects of the model with up light and down light options, as well as, other settings for an overall atmospheric appearance.