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  Convert Shape to Site Line Command Added
The ‘Convert Shape to Site Line’ command can easily convert shape lines to Site lines for use in Site mode. This new tool is especially useful for converting Site plans imported through .DXF or .DWG from other CAD programs. Engineered drawings can easily have lines converted to a selected type of Site Line.
  Deck Outline to a Generated Drawing
When generating a drawing of a Building Outline in Site mode, it will now include the outline of any decks that are included in Drawing mode. This saves time from having to draw decks manually. This feature also allows for a more accurate placement for Site dimensions relative to the deck.
  Draw > Shape Commands Added to Site Mode
It is now possible to draw Shapes directly in Site mode. This offers more flexibility with adding more custom information to the Site plan.
  Line Type: Long Dash  (long-short-short), Short Dash (dash-dot-dash), Short Dash Added (dash-dot-dot-dash)
These three new line types can be applied when drawing Site lines to provide more variety when drawing services on the Site plan.
  Site Polygons Automatically Form When a Site Shape Is Closed
When entering Surveyor’s coordinates to form a closed shape, it will automatically become a Site polygon. Site polygons can be edited to give dimension for 3D modeling.
  Visible Items Dialog Contains All Site Types
The Visible Items menu can control the display of all Site types including Building outline, Property, Driveway, Setbacks and other services. Items can be turned on and off as needed.
  Zero on Horizontal Axis Option Added
The option for ‘Zero on Horizontal Axis’ has been added to the Site Options. By selecting this option, the zero axis can be changed to start at the 3‘o’clock position. With the other option ‘Measure Angles clockwise’ turned on, it will measure with zero starting at the 12‘o’clock position.