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  Area @area Print Variable Added 
By simply adding a SoftPlan Information Stamp as a Note to the drawing, the corresponding area from Area mode can be printed. For example, use @area2 and it will replace this Information stamp on the printed page with the actual square footage for the corresponding area.
  Batch Print Command Added
Simply select all of the drawings you wish to print and add them to the Batch Print list. This new feature saves valuable time and effort since all of the selected drawings can be processed and printed at once. Scale options are also provided for a common or custom scale. The drawings can also be ‘Fit’ to Page if a scale is not required. Batch Print will automatically center all drawings without the need to select the Print Position Window for each drawing.
  Center Drawing on Page Option Added
The Center Drawing on Page option has been added to the Print menu. This saves having to Position the Print window around an entire drawing prior to printing.
  Print Pen Override Added to Symbols and Electrical Symbols
With the Print Pen override that has been added to the Edit Symbol and Electrical Symbol dialog, it makes it easy to either have the selection for using the default pen from the Pen assignment, or enable the option to select a different pen.
  Use Screen Colors Option Added to Print
  SoftPlan displays certain colors for items on the drawing screen. Now, with selecting the Use Screen Colors option from the Print dialog, the same colors you see on the screen can be used for the printed colors of the drawing. This saves valuable time from having to set-up colors for each Pen assigned to the drawing. Use Screen Colors gives a much quicker way of printing in color.