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Adjust Height to Fit to Beam Option Added
Within the Post Edit dialog is the option ‘Adjust height to fit to beam.’ When selected, the program will automatically calculate and set the value to bring the Post height to the underside of the beam that is drawn above.
Craftsman Style Post Added to Library
A new Craftsman style Post has been added to the Decorative Post Library. This is a square post that has a different width at the base than the top. There is a corresponding 3D Symbol for this Post, which provides the proper detail for SoftView.
Hide Deck Lines Option Added
When editing Posts, the Hide Deck Lines option can be selected. This makes the Posts easier to see on the plan by preventing the deck lines from showing through them.
Lathe Tool Can Be Used to Create Post Profiles
Posts can now be linked to detailed profiles that are available in SoftPlan Libraries. These profiles have been created by using the Lathe tool. This provides countless possibilities for creating custom Post shapes that will display an accurate profile when generating in SoftView.
Snap Can Locate to the Center, Midpoint, and Corners of a Post
Further development has been made to the snap points used in Version 13. When using a relative command (i.e. Move), it is possible to use the Cursor Snap to locate a specific point of a Post which includes the center, midpoint, and corners.
Wood Pile Added to the Post Library
For building construction that requires using wood piles, for structural support, there is a new option for this which has been added to the Structural Post Library.