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Default Pen Selection Added to Edit Dialog
The Paint Edit dialog now gives the option of using the default pen for Paint or enabling the option to choose a different pen.
Fill Improved: Smaller More Complicated Shapes Fill Completely
Paint patterns will now more closely follow the boundaries within objects to fill completely.
Image Paint Command Added
Image Paint can use bitmap (.bmp), jpeg (.jpg), or targa (.tga) images as patterns to fill in objects of the drawing. When this command is selected, it allows browsing to a folder location to select an image file. This command can be used to apply more realistic “pictures” to drawings. For example, this can be used to apply a picture of actual siding, shingles, and brick to the elevation drawings.


  Paint Can Be Applied Inside the Thickness of Walls
For presentation drawings, often you will see that the walls on the plan have been filled in solid. This can now be achieved by applying a solid paint pattern within the wall thickness on the plan.
Paint Patterns Added
Version 13 has additional Paint Patterns available in the Paint Libraries.
Solid Paint Command Added
  In previous versions, the solid paint pattern was comprised of a very dense series of lines. In Version 13 there is a truly solid paint pattern available.
Symbols Can Contain Paint
To display more of a contrast between Symbols and other items, the Symbols can be filled with a Paint pattern. This will control how Symbols display on screen, as well as, how the assigned pen for the Paint pattern can control how the filled symbol is printed with regard to color (or shading). Some SoftPlan symbols have already been created to contain solid Paint so that they can be distinguished in Room mode.
Visible Items List: Paint Image, Paint Solid, Paint Line, Paint in Symbols Added
The Visible items menu has added these items: