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36” Wide Interior Doors Added to Library
SoftPlan has provided more sizes of standard Interior doors which include the 36” wide.
Add Brick Check Option Added
A new Opening Option for a “Brick Check” has been added. When selected, this option will apply to all of the Openings on the drawing. It will extend the brick (masonry) material of a wall by 5/8” into the Rough opening space. This is often used in marine climates to create a water-tight composition around Opening frames.
Add Transom Command Added
Transoms can easily be added to any existing Opening on a plan. This is done with a simple Opening Edit and selection to add a Transom. This feature will create a new Product Code by modifying the existing one and add a casement window over top at a specified height.
Auto Slope Top Elevation Opening Style Added
Within the SoftPlan Openings libraries is a new type of window called ‘Trapezoid.’ This window is different in that it has the ability to automatically adjust the sloped side to match the pitch of the top plate of the wall. Assuming that the wall has been ballooned framed to the underside of the roof, then by extension, the window will match the roof pitch.
Cottage Window Style Added
Version 13 has the ability to create cottage style openings. These openings have sashes of different sizes.
  Equally Spaced Openings Command Added
Version 13 provides an easy-to-use command for equally spacing out multiple openings along a wall. Simply select the wall and decide if the openings are to align according to the inside or outside length of the wall.
  Exterior Trim Profile Option Added
  Openings now have the ability to apply detailed profiles to the Exterior Trim. These will be reflected in 3D models.
  Garage Door Hinge Designation
Garage Doors now have a default hinge side designation that will be shown on the saved Elevation drawings.
  Garage Doors – Rough Opening Width Can Be Less Than Opening Width
With Garage Doors, the Rough Opening Width can be set to a value less than the Opening width. This feature gives the ability to set a Garage Door to the inside of the wall, as this will allow for a built-up system for overhead garage doors.
  Hardware (Handle) Option Added to Doors
Now it is possible to add even more detail to Doors. Version 13 has the addition of a Door Hardware library with various handle options that can be applied to doors. These will be reflected in the SoftView 3D model.
  Hide Threshold Option Added
The plan outline of the Opening threshold can easily be turned on or off with this option.
  Hole Cutting of Complicated Openings in Walls Improved
The holes cut around openings have been improved to work for more complicated shapes. This includes round top openings placed on angled walls in the plan. These holes are needed to closely cut out the section of the wall from around the Opening symbols, which will be shown in SoftView.
  Interior Casing Profile Option Added
Openings now have the ability to apply detailed profiles to the Interior Casing. These will be reflected in 3D models.
  Open in SoftView Option Added
This is an excellent tool to use when doing walkthroughs of the proposed building. When this option is selected, you can move freely through unobstructed entryways in the SoftView 3D model. Openings will display open according to the angle assigned to them, which can display a door partially or fully open. This allows you and your customer to gain a greater view of the building using SoftView as a visual aid.
  Opening ID Added to Openings
With the new Opening ID feature, labels can be applied to all Openings on a drawing. SoftPlan can then automatically generate the Opening Schedule to include this information.
  Opening Libraries Folder and Sub-Folders Added
The structure from which Openings are drawn has been changed. Openings are now set-up in a tree format. The Opening Libraries can be expanded to select sub-folders for more specific categories of openings. More options can be seen at once with this new format.
  Opening Schedules - Width, Height, Rough Opening Width, and Rough Opening Height Added
With these new additions to the Opening Schedule options, Width, Height, Rough Opening Width, and Rough Opening Height can be added as separate entries. These options give the flexibility to choose which dimensions will be shown on the generated Opening Schedule.
  Openings Are Automatically Centered in a Wall When the Opening Width is Greater that 50% of the Wall Length
This is a terrific feature to be able to center Openings when the width is greater than 50% of the wall length. For example, when placing a garage door, it is no longer necessary to manually center the opening along the length of the wall it is placed on. SoftPlan recognizes that it is wider than half the wall length and automatically centers it when drawn.
  Shutter Option Allows for Placement: Left, Right, Both
This option provides more flexibility with the placement and design of Opening Shutters. Version 13 now has the ability to apply the Shutter type to the Left, Right, or apply to Both sides of the Opening when the Shutter option is enabled.
  Shutters Display as Non-Printing Items in the Plan
When Shutters are enabled for an Opening, there will be a profile shown in plan view outlining them. This feature is for display purposes to ensure that the Shutters have been applied. The outlines will appear on the drawing screen but will not be printed with the floor plan.
  Shutters Extract as Multiple Surfaced 3D Symbols
The standard Shutters available in Version 13 have been linked to a corresponding 3D symbol. These 3D symbols were created with many solid surfaces that include indentations, paneling, and other details that provide a more accurate representation for the 3D model. Many more Shutter styles have been configured and added to this Standard Library.
  Tempered Option Added
The Tempered Glass option can be applied to any Opening. This will provide the basis to be able to specify these opening types within a SoftList formula by using the corresponding variable ‘has_tempered_glass’.