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Custom Modes Added
Version 13 has expanded the available modes to include 5 Custom modes. This allows creating additional plans with more customized information by selecting which Visible Items will be displayed, as well as, Layers can control associated items on the plan.These Custom modes can be used to maintain additional plans for Mechanical, Plumbing, etc.
Mode Visibilities Option Added
Easy access to the Visible Items menu for all modes is provided in the Mode Visibilities menu. The menu provides the ability to select what items will display as a default in each individual mode. This can be set-up under the System Options or Drawing Options.
Profile Mode Displays Floor Systems Including Slabs
Floor System items now display in Profile mode. This provides more information for profiles showing the basic elevation view of the working drawing in order to visually check heights and offsets.
reView Mode Added to Store the Markups and Redlines
reView mode has been added to store the reView items such as markups and redline information, service symbols, and punchlist items created in the reView viewer by customers, contractors, designers, etc. reView files that are imported back into the original drawing will have the reView items shown separately in its own mode. This allows the information to be maintained separate from the drawing but is there for reference when making further changes to the drawing.
Room Mode Added
Room mode has been added in order to maintain information specific to room finishes in a separate mode. Room polygons can be added to automatically place interior details such as flooring, wallcovering, chair rail, baseboards, bulkhead, and crown molding all in one step. Each room will display with a different solid color for visual differentiation. A Room Edit provides a table where the Room information can quickly be accessed and easily updated for all rooms.
SoftView Mode Added
 SoftView mode has been added in order to maintain information specific to SoftView modeling that is separate from other modes. This mode can control lighting settings, camera and focus positioning, as well as, symbol and light source placement. SoftView mode works in relationship with the Camera Control in SoftView. This mode also offers the basic commands as in SoftPlan to be able to Edit, Move, Erase, Undo, etc. items