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Coverage Option Added to Wall Coverings
 The type of coverage can be specified when applying Wall Coverings in Interior mode.
By editing the Wall Covering, the ‘Full Coverage’ is selected by default. To paint only part of the wall horizontally, deselect this option in order to enter a height and offset for the Wall covering to be applied. Multiple Wall Coverings can be used along one wall surface to provide different colors and textures for the Interior 3D model.
Crown Mold Can Reference Cabinets
The Crown Mold option found in Interior mode can now be applied to the tops of cabinets in addition to walls. A Manual Trace is suggested for positioning the Crown Mold along the front edges of the Wall or Tall cabinets. The Crown Mold will be reflected in SoftView and SoftList.
Crown Mold, Chair Rail, Bulkhead, Baseboard, Extract in SoftView with Custom Profiles
Version 13 provides more customization with the use of Profiles in Interiors. More detailed millwork profiles can be applied to Crown Mold, Chair Rail and Baseboards, as well as, profiles for Bulkheads to create numerous ceiling applications, such as treys.
Flooring Can Reference Cabinets
Flooring can be added which will trace around any existing Cabinets. This provides a more accurate estimate of flooring material for SoftList without the need for tracing manually around all of the Cabinets.