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Floor System

  Beams Added to Floor System Will Allow for the Creation of “Flush Beams”
When drawing Beams in Floor System mode, they will draw flush, with the bottom of the Beam at the top of wall (from the plan below). The Beams will be placed at the bottom of the current floor plan set at the zero baseline.
  Dimension and Extensions Can Be Added and Edited to Floor Framing and Slabs
Dimensions and Extensions can be added and edited in Floor System mode making it easy to modify aspects of the floor system, such as the spacing of individual framing, framed holes, slabs, beams, etc. These commands help to create a more accurate Floor System plan.
  Framing Can Be Labeled (L1, L2, L3…)
When a floor system is created, ‘Framing ID’ can be turned on as a Visible Item. This will display a label for each floor joist. With this information a Floor Framing Schedule can be generated. All joists will be indicated by an F followed by a number. If joists are the same size they will have the same ID label.
  International Building Code 2003 Span Tables Added
Span tables have been setup for Floor joists according to the International Building Code 2003. SoftPlan has provided tables for different species and grades of lumber. This saves valuable time in having to set-up the tables yourself. SoftPlan still gives the flexibility to change these tables or add new ones to reflect your local building codes. The Span Tables can be activated to provide messages when the spans do not meet the criteria.
  Plumbing Drops Available to Extension and Dimension
Plumbing drops belonging to plumbing symbols now have the ability to extension and dimension. This allows for more accurate placement of floor framing in relation to plumbing symbols.
  Profile Mode Displays Floor Systems Including Slabs
Floor System items now display in Profile mode. This provides more information for profiles showing the basic elevation view of the working drawing in order to visually check heights and offsets.
  Schedules of Framing Can Be Created
When a framed floor system is created the ‘Framing ID’ can be turned on as a Visible Item. This will display a label for each floor joist. With this information, the Floor Framing Schedule can be generated. It is an option found under the Notes menu for Framing Schedules. The Framing schedule gives the label, dimension information, and count for each size.
  Slab Footing Command Added
The ‘Slab Footing’ command has been added to Floor System mode. This command will allow placing additional footings beneath load bearing walls. Slab Footings will tie into the footings from Structural Slabs. This is useful for generating monolithic slabs or floor beam (grade beam) systems.
  Visibility Option Added for: Bridging, Joist, Ring Joist, Slab, Sill Plate, and Subfloor
Visible Items now allows you to control which Floor system items are displayed on screen. These include Bridging, Joists, Ring Joists, Slabs, Sill plates, and Subfloor. When multiple materials are drawn, this gives the ability to turn off the display of some materials gaining a better visual of the remaining materials. This also makes it easier to make adjustments to specific materials.