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4 Way Switch Added
An addition has been made to the Electrical Symbols to include a standard 4-way switch.
Additional Lights Added
  Additions have been made to the Electrical Symbols to include more options for standard lights.
Exterior Light Library Added
Version 13 now provides a separate library that contains a selection of exterior lights.
Lights Can Have SoftView Lights Embedded
Electrical Symbols and Symbols that contain lights now include embedded SoftView light sources which will be reflected in the 3D model. This makes Version 13 more versatile with regard to lighting conditions. By simply placing these symbols on the plan it is possible to instantly illuminate aspects of the model with up light and down light options, as well as, other settings for an overall atmospheric appearance.
  Save As Default Option Added To Electrical Legends
There is a new option that allows you to save the defaults for what information will be generated in Electrical Legends. This will save time from having to customize the information every time a legend must be added to the plan. With this option selected, SoftPlan will automatically place only the information you want to see.