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Change Symbol Command Added
The Change Symbol command can be used to replace all instances of an existing symbol type to a new symbol. For instance, all oval basins can be changed to pedestal sinks in one step.
Equally Spaced Openings Command Added
Version 13 provides an easy-to-use command for equally spacing out multiple openings along a wall. Simply select the wall and decide if the openings are to align according to the inside or outside length of the wall.
Form Solid Polygon Command Added
Turn connecting lines into solids by using the Form Solid Polygon command. The Solid Polygon provides a 3D object that can be edited for height and offset.
Hold Position Option Added to Paste from SoftPlan Clipboard
The Hold position option allows to Paste information from the SoftPlan Clipboard according to the drawing’s origin, or through the use of Reference points. This allows aligning information from different drawings more accurately.
  Set Layer Command Added
The Edit menu now includes the Set Layer command. This allows tracing a box around selected items in order to assign a specific Layer. Layers are used to control color and visibility of items that you want to associate together on the plan.