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Dimensions & Extensions

  Auto Dimension Interior Walls Option Added to Auto Dimension
‘Auto Dimension Interior’ walls has been added to the Dimension Options. When selected, the Auto Dimension command will recognize T-intersections between interior and exterior walls. Extension lines will be pulled from the interior walls to be included in the overall outside dimensions.
Decimal Feet Option Added
Decimal Feet has been added to the Dimension options which allows the use of the engineering scale. Inch values will be represented by a decimal value. For example, 21’-9” would read 21.75’. All dimension values can be entered and will display in decimal format.
Dimension Angle Command Added to Report the Angles in Degrees
Dimension Angle can be used to indicate an accurate angle between two non-parallel objects on a plan. The given value will display in degrees. This is useful for indicating wall, windows or countertop angles, as well as, site information on the drawings.
Dimension Arc Command Added to Place a Dimension from the Center to an Arc
By using Dimension Arc, an accurate radius of curved items can be displayed. This is helpful when using Curved Walls, Stairs, Railings, Shape Arcs and curved Polygons, as with Site mode.
Dimension Numbers Update as Items Are Moved
When moving or adjusting items on the screen, the associated dimensions will update real-time with the correct dimensions. This is helpful in moving items exact distances.
Dimensions and Extensions Available in All the Modes Including: Area, Ceiling, Electrical, Floor System, Framing, Interior, reView, Profile, Roof, Room, Site, SoftView, and Custom 1-5
Dimensions and Extensions can now be drawn in all SoftPlan modes. When placed, they will be maintained in only the mode they were drawn in. This offers flexibility with being able to dimension for different conditions, showing more complete dimension information for specific modes, and being able to further modify items using dimensioning.
Display Small Dimension Options Added
This option is used when there are small dimensions on a drawing. The dimension numbers can display as a box when they do not fully fit into the space. With ‘Display Small Dimensions’ selected, the dimensions will show inside the space, even if they are too large to fit.
  Distance Command Added to Report the Distance Between Two Items
The Distance command can be used to show a temporary dimension between two objects on the plan. This can also be used for non-parallel objects. Cursor Snap can be used to precisely locate the points of the objects. It will display without adding anything to the drawing.
  Include Wall Thickness Option Added to Auto Dimension
With the new Dimension option for "Auto Dimension Interior Walls" turned on, this allows Auto Dimension to pick up wall thicknesses including interior walls that join exterior walls at a T-intersection.
  Set Distance Between Dimension Command Added
Set Distance Between allows a quick way to enter a distance between two items on the drawing without needing to draw and edit dimensions. With this command, two objects are selected and a menu displays prompting to enter the dimension between. Once this is entered, a direction is chosen and updates the objects on the screen. The distance can be set using either direction, or the distance can be centered (split) between the two objects by using the middle button.