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Deck Beam Selection Dialog Made Larger to Display More Walls at Once
The dialog where a deck beam is selected to draw will now display with a longer listing. This saves time from having to scroll through a shorter list, as well as, allowing to more easily make a selection.
Deck Outline Option Added to Visible Items to Display the Deck with a Single Line
Display a simple deck outline by turning on the Deck Outline option under the Visible items menu. This will toggle on and off the display of the Deck Outline with a single line. This allows turning off other deck information such as ring joists, joists, decking, etc. to create a clear deck area on the plan.
Site Mode Automatically Adds a Deck Outline to a Generated Drawing
When generating a drawing of a Building Outline in Site mode, it will now include the outline of any decks that are included in Drawing mode. This saves time from having to draw decks manually. This feature also allows for a more accurate placement for Site dimensions relative to the deck.
SoftView Camera Will Display Deck Railings
Deck Railings now have the ability to display for plan reference in the Camera Control.