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Area is Reported on a Ceiling Edit
Simply Edit the Ceiling drawn in Ceiling mode to display the area. This is useful in determining Heat Loss and Gain values, as well as, materials.
Plate Command Added
When a Plate material has been added to draw from Ceiling Mode, it will be especially useful in construction where Roof rafters will bear on additional plates placed on top of the Ceiling Joists instead of the top plate of a wall. Once the Ceiling Joists and Plates are drawn, the Plate will automatically set above the Joists and set the correct level for the Roof to be drawn and reference.
Plate Height Added to Visible Items
The Plate Height information for the plan can now be displayed in Ceiling mode. This is selected under the Visible Items menu while in Ceiling mode.
Profile Command Added to Interiors
Through drawing Bulkheads in Interior mode, the profile of ceilings can be modified to create either a trey or barrel type ceiling. This is a great tool for generating more complex ceiling designs into Interior 3D modeling.
Reference Points Can Be Adjusted off the Ceiling
Reference points of Ceiling materials can be adjusted off the ceiling. This is useful if a wall is moved in the plan and the ceiling must be adjusted to reference the new wall location. It can also serve if a new wall is drawn and the reference point for the ceiling must be adjusted to it.
Reflected Ceilings Plans Can Be Created Using the New Display Tile Option
When laying out suspended ceilings, the “Display Tile” option will allow the grid to be displayed in Ceiling mode. Reflected Ceiling plans can be developed using the grid.
  Sloped Ceiling Joists Added to Automatically Follow the Pitch of the Ceiling
This is an automatic feature where Ceiling Joists will not be horizontal. Once the Ceiling is drawn with the proper pitch information, the Ceiling Joists will follow and slope with the Ceiling.
  Span Tables IBC 2003 Added for Ceiling Joists
Span tables have been setup for Ceiling joists according to the International Building Code 2003. SoftPlan has provided tables for different species and grades of lumber. This saves valuable time in having to setup the tables yourself. SoftPlan still gives the flexibility to change these tables or add new ones to reflect your local building codes. The Span Tables can be activated to provide messages when the spans do not meet the criteria.