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@Area Print Command Added to Automatically Print the Requested Area
By simply adding a SoftPlan Information Stamp as a Note to the drawing, the corresponding area from Area mode can be printed. For example, use @area2 and it will replace this Information stamp on the printed page with the actual square footage for the corresponding area. This can be used alone, or in conjunction with generated schedules to update area information from the drawing.
Dimensions and Extensions Can Be Added to Area Mode
Dimensions and Extensions can be added in Area mode as a default setting. This gives the ease of dimensioning the walls in the plan, along with the display of the respective areas.
Schedules of Areas Can Be Generated
It is a great feature to have an automated process of generating Area Schedules. Simply select the option from the menu and click on the drawing screen to place the schedule. It will include all areas that have been drawn in Area mode in a table format.