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Always Face Camera Option Added to Symbols
With Always Face Camera turned on, the Symbol will always be at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the camera. Therefore the complete face (plane) of the Symbol will always fully be seen from every angle of the 3D animation. This can be used for items such as Rendered Trees or Shrubs.

Anti Aliasing (Hardware) Added to Textured and Shaded Mode
Diagonal edges of surfaces often appear jagged due to the nature of monitors that rely on dots, or pixels, to display images, an effect known as aliasing. When using video hardware to generate 3D images, some video cards can visually correct this effect by introducing similarly colored pixels along the diagonal edges to give the impression of a more continuous edge, called anti-aliasing. When checked, it smoothes the edges of the 3D images displayed in SoftView for Wire Frame, Visible Line, Shaded, and Textured modes.

Atmospheric Light Type Added
A new light source is available to draw which allows creating up light, down light, or it can shine in both directions on the 3D model.

Auto Inherit Command Added to the Material Dialog
Whenever the overall texture will be the same for like materials in the 3D model, the Auto Inherit can be selected. When this command is selected for the highest material in the Material tree dialog, the same texture (color) for the same materials found lower in the tree will all be changed in one step. This is a great time saving feature for applying the same Glazing and Trim textures to all Openings, or applying the same Wood finish to all Cabinets automatically.

Auto Horizon Command Added
In SoftView, an automatic flat "site" plane will display. This will be represented by a grass texture that will display in the 3D model.

Auto Match Color to Texture Option Added
In keeping with wanting similar views for all of the 3D modes, the Auto Match Color to Texture option has been added to the Render Options. This command will match the Texture to apply the closest Color available in the program. This way the various 3D modes will look as similar as possible with much less effort involved with changing the material settings.

Automatically Regenerate Option Added
Update changes more quickly and effortlessly in SoftView with this outstanding new feature. The active SoftView window will Automatically Regenerate before your eyes as changes are made to the drawings, such as changing windows, moving walls, applying new textures to the model, and much more.

Background Extraction Added
SoftView uses the information from the floor plans to create exterior and interior 3D models. Depending on the complexity of the floor plan drawings, the amount of time required to process the information for the 3D models can vary. To reduce the wait time, you can specify that SoftView automatically process, or extract, the information in the background as you develop the floor plan and before you select to view the building in 3D. Therefore, when you do specify a 3D view, the image will appear on screen much faster.

Background Textures Added
New flat (still image) and panoramic (Animation) type Background Textures have been added.

Backgrounds Can Be Added as Panoramic Backgrounds
The panoramic background is placed like a cylinder which simulates the background being fixed to the model when rotating for Animation output, providing a more realistic 3D presentation.

Basic Commands, Move, Edit, etc., Do Not Need to Be Selected Twice in a Row
In Version 13 the command only needs be selected once and will remain active until a new command is chosen in between generations of the SoftView model.

Brick Opening Sills Extract as Individual Bricks and Mortar Joints. Sill Style Extraction Option Removed
When a Brick Sill is enabled on an Opening, it will be extracted with realistic textures of individual bricks and mortar joints. This replaces the Sill Style extraction which was a much more simple simulation of a brick pattern for the sills.

Camera Navigation Improved
The Camera Control is now much easier to navigate. The same Zoom and Pan commands that are used in Drawing mode, with the center scroll wheel of the mouse, can be used to move through the Elevation and Plan sections of the Camera Control.

Cedar Shingle Textures Added
Additional Cedar shingle textures have been added to the Roof textures.

Center Focus Command Added
The Center Focus command has been added to the SoftView Camera Control. This allows for the re-centering of the drawing without changing the current zoom scale.

Copy Surface Command Added
The Surface Copy/ Paste command gives the ability to copy a color and texture from one surface and paste it to another surface right before your eyes in the SoftView model.

Deck Railings Display in Camera
Deck Railings now have the ability to display for plan reference in the Camera Control.

Doors Can Display Open
The option applied to Openings for ‘Open In SoftView’ is a great tool to use when doing walkthroughs of the proposed building. When this option is selected, you can move freely through unobstructed entryways in the SoftView 3D model. Openings will display open according to the angle assigned to them, which can display a door partially or fully open. This allows you and your customer to gain a greater view of the building using SoftView as a visual aid.

Duplicate Command Added
It is now possible to Duplicate like items between floor plans. This basic command has been added for use in SoftView. For instance, a window on the lower floor can be duplicated to a window on the upper floor when using this command in SoftView.

DWG Export Added (V14 and 2000)
DWG has been added to the Export options in SoftView. This creates a file that can be brought into a compatible CAD program for 3D modeling and revisions.

Elevations (Rendered and Textured) Generate With Sun Shadows
When an Elevation is generated, the SoftView mode can be changed to Rendered or Textured mode which will reflect the Sun Options. Shadows will be generated on the model as a result of the Sun settings.

Environmental Light Mapping Added
Environmental Light Mapping is a new Render Option used to provide artificial lighting for the Interior model. When this option is enabled, irregular light patterns are applied to walls, ceiling, and floors to create a more realistic interior environment without the need to add a multitude of individual light sources.

Hardwood Flooring Textures Added
New Hardwood Flooring textures have been added to the Interior Flooring textures.

Hole Cutting of Complicated Openings in Walls Improved
The holes cut around openings have been improved to work for more complicated shapes. This includes round top openings placed on angled walls in the plan. These holes are needed to closely cut out the section of wall from around the Opening symbols that will be shown in SoftView.

Keep Temporary Frames Option Added to Animation Generation
Keep Temporary Frames has been added to the Output options. This will allow saving a series of still frame image files to a selected location based on the number of frames selected for the animation file. The files can then be used on an individual basis.

Lights Display Added to Camera Control
 ‘Display Lights in Symbols’ is an option that has been added to the Camera control. It can be turned on to see the embedded lights that belong to Symbols. ‘Display SoftView Lights’ is another option that controls the display of regular light sources (point, direct, spot, atmospheric). When these options are enabled, the lights can be edited to change the settings. They can also be turned off when they are not required.

Metal Textures Added
Version 13 has expanded upon the available metal textures. Many different types of metal can now be applied to SoftView 3D models.

On Model Folder Added to Material Selection
The Material Assignment has included the addition of the ‘On Model’ folder. This is shown in the Material assignment tree and displays all of the textures currently being used on the model. These can be easily accessed here in order to change the texture settings for the overall model.

Orbit Mode Added
An orbiting view of the 3D model can now be generated in real-time in the SoftView window. By using easy to use mouse movement and controls, the orbit allows a visual method for changing the display of the building to a desired angle.

Ray Tracing: Soft Shadow Option Added
Choosing the option for ‘Soft Shadows’ when Ray Tracing is enabled, will allow creating a rendering with softer shadows for a more subdued shadowing effect.

Repeat Edit Command Added
Repeat Edit has been added to be able to use in SoftView. This can be used with objects seen in the SoftView window. It can be used across floors or as part of the same floor. While the Repeat Edit command is selected, it can also be used between SoftView and SoftPlan windows to continue to repeat like items.

Replace Texture Command Added
In the Material Assignment, a Replace Texture menu has been added. This menu gives the ability to change all instances of an assigned texture at once. A texture can easily be changed and applied to all objects of the model, or a specific level of the model. One example would be changing all occurrences of chrome to stainless steel but applying only to the Symbols – Kitchen level.

Roof Textures Added
New Roof textures have been added for use with the SoftView 3D model.

Shadows Added to Textured Mode
Textured mode now has the capability of adding shadows. This provides a more realistic textured model. The Shadow options are a part of the Rendered options that are now accessible in Textured mode.

SoftView Mode Added to SoftPlan
SoftView mode has been added in order to maintain information specific to SoftView modeling that is separate from other modes. This mode can control lighting settings, camera and focus positioning, as well as, symbol and light source placement. SoftView mode works in relationship with the Camera Control in SoftView. This mode also offers the basic commands as in SoftPlan to be able to Edit, Move, Erase, Undo, etc. items.

Stucco Textures Added
More realistic stucco textures have been added for use in SoftView 3D models.

Sun Light Source Added
The Sun Light source can be enabled under the Sun Options. This light source allows selecting a major city or entering custom settings to specify the latitude and longitude for the 3D model. The date and time can then be entered to simulate the lighting conditions based on the time of day.

Sun Studies for Day or Year Generated via Output Options
The Sun Study available in the Output Options for SoftView generates an animation file that will display the affects of the sun on a design over the course of a full day or a full year:
  • Full Day Study - The full day study generates the cells at a given interval, every 10 minutes for example, from sun up to sun down.
  • Full Year Study - The full year study generates a cell at the specified time each day over the course of an entire year.

Symbols Can Have SoftView Lights Embedded
Symbols and Electrical Symbols that contain lights now include embedded SoftView light sources which will be reflected in the 3D model. This makes Version 13 more versatile with regard to lighting conditions. By simply placing these symbols on the plan it is possible to instantly illuminate aspects of the model with up light and down light options, as well as, other settings for an overall atmospheric appearance.

Texture Dialog Is a Tree for Easier Navigation
The Material Assignment menu has changed to a tree format. This allows selecting the plus sign to expand to show multiple selections. This format makes it easier to navigate and be able to see more available options with the expanded menu.

Texture Registry Added
 The Texture Registry allows SoftView texture settings such as ambient, contrast, opacity, reflectivity, etc. to be remembered for each texture. These settings are saved to a file so that when the same textures are applied in the future, the individual settings will not have to be selected again.

Textures Have the Ability to Display Semi Opaque in Textured Mode
The Opacity level for textures can now be controlled in Textured mode. This will allow the surface to become less opaque. It can be used for items such as window glazing, shower doors, glass tabletops, or wherever you want to create a more see-through appearance for a texture on the 3D model.

Thumbnail Image Added to the Camera
A thumbnail image of the camera preview will display when the Camera control is opened. The preview updates real-time whenever the camera position changes within the menu.

Turn Off Lights in Symbols Options Added
Embedded light sources for Symbols will generate as a default. To turn off this option there is a new feature under the Render Options to ‘Turn off Lights in Symbols’ so that none of the embedded light sources will generate in the model.

Undo Added to SoftView, Base Commands Edit, Move, Erase … Undo In SoftView
The Undo command can now be used in the SoftView window to undo the recent changes from the basic commands (Edit, Move, Erase, etc.). Like SoftPlan, you can undo up to the last 20 commands used.

View Files Added
SoftView can now save different 3D views into View files which can be loaded again to be able to quickly bring up a saved location. For example, save a View file for “View of Kitchen from Den” or “View of Master from Ensuite.” The camera position will be loaded from the View file in the exact location. This saves time when having to reposition the camera when generating the same view at a later time.

Zoom Previous Command Added
Zoom Previous has been added to SoftView Cross Sections and Elevations. This allows you to be able to zoom back to the previous zoom scale of the generated drawing.

Zoom Using the Wheel on the Mouse Added to Camera
The Camera Control is now much easier to navigate. The same Zoom and Pan commands that are used in Drawing mode, with the center scroll wheel of the mouse, can be used to move through the Elevation and Plan sections of the Camera Control in SoftView.