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  Click here for Version 13 SoftList Variable Changes
SoftList Locations
A different location for the SoftList folder can be selected in the Setup Options. This can be enabled to allow all SoftPlan users who share access to a network drive to be able to use the same SoftList information, such as Material Definitions and Lumber Tables. This will ensure consistency when more than one person will be generating material lists. This feature also saves having to Backup and Restore the same SoftList information to each SoftPlan station.
Cabinet Face Libraries Added
Cabinets have been reconfigured in Version 13 to include two parts. This includes a Cabinet Face (door/drawer) and Cabinet box (base). These can now be estimated individually since they belong to separate Libraries. Costs can be assigned to the different styles and finishes of Faces and the different types of boxes.
Maintain Option Added to User Defined Variables
This new feature can be applied to User Defined Variables. When a global variable is not maintained, it is reset to zero when each floor is processed. When it is maintained, the value can accumulate for all floors that are processed. This is useful when needing to accumulate items from floor to floor, such as all openings for calculating the total percentage for energy codes.