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Type Erase Improved

Version 12 has greatly improved the Type Erase Function. New Groups have been added and several new selections have been added to other groups.

New Groups:

  1. Break Lines
  2. Cabinets
  3. Stairs

New Selections:

  1. Slabs have been added to the ‘Individual Types’ group.
  2. Deck Railings and Deck Stairs have been added to the ‘Decks’ group. The Decks group has also been changed to include the individual items that make up a deck instead of the deck as a whole. This includes Deck Polygons, Deck Surfaces, Deck Joists, and Deck Ring Joists.
  3. Detail Notes, No Print Notes, Overview Notes, and Speed Notes have replaced Notes in the ‘Notes group.
  4. The ‘Site’ group has seen Control Points and Existing Shot Points added.
  1. To use these new features go to Erase > Type.