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Group Roof, Component Roof Plane, "Pitch" Variable Added
Version 12 has added new variables to the Roof Group under the Component: Roof Plane. The variables; roof_pitch_a and roof_pitch_b can be used to define and isolate a roof pitch (based on the assembled roof systems) within a formula. These can be used in cases like determining Roof Labor costs based on the pitches defined by these variables.







Trig Functions Added to Constants
SoftPlan Version 12 has added new Functions to SoftList to allow trigonometric calculations. By adding Cosine (cos), Sine (sin) and Tangent (tan) functions, users now have another method of calculating angles and lengths of triangles. This could be used to calculate the length of a truss chord, or the run of a rafter.






Group Post Variable has_pad Added
In previous Versions of Softplan, the pad for a post would be estimated regardless of whether or not it was checked to display. Version 12 has incorporated a new variable for Group Post called has_pad and has updated the corresponding formulas that pertain to the post pad. If the pad is unchecked for the post it will not report in the Material List. If the pad is checked for the post it will report in the Material List.
  1. To set the display of the pad select:Edit> Edit Item.
  2. Click on the post.
  3. In the pad section of the Edit menu, check or uncheck the pad box.
  4. Save the drawing.
  5. Generate the report in Softlist (Build> Material List).
  6. The Concrete Pad and Rebar (pad) formulas now recognize whether a pad is present with the post and will report accordingly.










Group Roof, Component Intersect Edge, "Horizontal" Variable Added
A new variable has been added to the Group: Roof, Component: Intersect edge within SoftList. The new variable “Horizontal” can be used to differentiate between intersect edges of a roof that are against a wall. The edges can be either flat (horizontal) or sloping (gabled). In order to determine the stepped flashing or straight flashing the Horizontal variable can be used in a formula to calculate the materials separately.






SoftList Can Determine Which Header Table Has Been Selected
Version 12 has incorporated a new section into the Group Opening based formulas to include a section where the Header span table can be selected. Even when the headers may have the same dimensions, this allows the flexibility of choosing different span tables for headers on the basis that pricing for the different grades and types of headers will vary.

Before using this feature some things will be assumed; that there are openings placed on the assembled floor plans and the Header span tables have been set up and enabled under the System Options.

  1. Go to the SoftList setup (Build > Material List > Setup) and select a Material Definition.
  2. Open or create a formula based on Group Opening. Click to enable the Header checkbox.
  3. This activates the Span table section. At this point the Header span tables will be listed and one can be selected for the current formula.
  4. If the Header checkbox is selected but the wall the opening is in is not framable, it will not be added to the Material report.