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What SoftPlan users are saying about Version 14!

Version 14 Brochure

Download Version 14 Upgrade Brochure

"V14 is a huge hit in my opinion! I love the rendering modes in SoftView. It allows you to do an awful lot with the options and makes editing very simple. I feel that SoftView gives me complete control of the model which is something not as easily done in Autodesk®. I love that I can now rotate the rendered mode round and round, plus draw openings, profiles, roof, floor, and ceilings in 3D. Silhouette and smoothing is also very welcomed. All in all, Version 14 is very content rich. There is more of everything such as a great selection of furniture, trees, vehicles, and manufacturer products including Sub-Zero, Kohler, Herman Miller, etc. In fact, the best I have seen of any program."

Michael A. Collazo, AIBD, CPBD, Professional Residential Designer in Tampa, FL 
"I just bought the Version 14 upgrade and can't live without it. The improvements and additions to it are simply awesome! Tech support has always been phenomenal in their response time and their ability to solve problems."

Chris Proost, GW Homes, LLC in Mechanicsville, VA 
“Having been a SoftPlan devotee since Version 9, I have to comment about some of the really nice features of Version 14. My appreciation of Version 14 is in the more mundane day-to-day operation of the program such as the right click pop-up menu, the paste from Windows clipboard, having Auto Dimension and Extension Command in System Options, and having drawings available from the toolbar drop down menu including multis. 99% of the time I am thrilled with Version 14.  I would encourage anyone contemplating the upgrade to go for it.”

Carole Chapman, of Chapman Building Design in Healdsburg, CA
"I would greatly recommend making the jump. I've found just the simple things have saved me A LOT of time in plan preparation and completion and the new functionality of the rendering modes is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend upgrading."

John Honea, Olde South Design Studios in Snellville, GA 

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