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Posts Automatically snap to the Center of the Wall/Beam

Version 12 includes a snap feature in order to position posts centered along beams or walls. This feature eliminates the necessity of using the Move command to properly position the posts on the drawing. In order to use this feature:

  1. Draw the appropriate beam or wall (Draw> Wall/Beam).
  2. Select the appropriate post (Draw> Post> Decorative/ Structural).
  3. Turn on the Cursor Snap using F11 on the keyboard or by clicking on the Cursor Snap icon in the toolbar to activate this tool.
  4. Draw the post along the beam or wall. The Post will automatically snap its center to the centerline of the beam or wall.








Pad Inset No Longer Affects the Offset of a Post
SoftPlan Version 12 has changed the way a Post’s Pad (footing) will inset into a Post. A Pad Inset is used to push the footing into the post, rather than have the post sit on top of the footing. Such is often the case when a wooden post is set in concrete. When a Pad Inset is given to a Post, the Post remains stationary while the Pad moves up to account for the inset value. Previous versions had the Post move down while the Pad remained stationary, which affected the Offset of the Post. Since SoftPlan measures the Offset from the bottom of the Post, if the Post remains stationary when a Pad Inset is given, the Post’s Offset can be determined with greater ease.
  1. Select Draw > Post > Structural > Square.
  2. Draw the square post in an existing drawing.
  3. Select Edit > Edit Item and click on the post.
  4. Specify a Pad Inset value. This will force the Pad to move up the post, allowing the Post to be inset into the Pad. This change no longer affects the Offset of the Post itself.











Posts Display in Profile Mode
SoftPlan Version 12 has added the feature of plan posts now displaying in Profile Mode. In previous versions they were not visible.
  1. With the plan drawing open select the Mode Menu > Profile
  2. Softplan will switch to the Profile Mode, showing items as if they were laying flat on the screen.

· You will notice that the outline of your posts are shown, with their respective heights and offsets reflected. Note: In order to view this added feature, you will need to have a drawing open which does contain posts. If you do not have a drawing created, open one of our sample drawings to use.









Posts Under Beams will Relocate
In Version 12, if a beam is moved, the post(s) that support it will also be moved. In previous versions of SoftPlan, posts under beams would not be moved with the beam. ‘Attach’ must be selected when move is used to relocate the beam, otherwise the post will not relocate with the beam.

There are a couple of methods to relocate a beam.

  1. In any drawing that has a beam with a post under it, click on the ‘Edit’ icon, edit a dimension that is locating the beam and change the dimension. After the beam is redrawn, the post(s) that were under it will be relocated as well.
  2. In any drawing that has a beam with a post under it, click on the ‘Move’ icon, make sure attach is checked and move the beam. When the beam is redrawn in its new location, the post(s) that were under it will be relocated as well.










Solid Fill Texture Added to Posts
Version 12 has added the ability to display Posts as Solid Filled. Now, in addition to displaying the outline of the post as Solid or Dashed, you can specify a Solid Fill to the inside of the post. This option applies to either rectangular or round post shapes.
  1. Select Edit > Edit Item and click on an existing Post.
  2. From the Texture pull down under Display, select Solid Fill.
  3. Select the OK button. The Post will now display with a Solid Fill texture.