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Easier to Change the Size of a Note with Review Notes

Version 12 has made it Easier to change the size of a note with review notes.

1. Add a note to a drawing, if it is a Speed Note, you will need to explode it.
2. At the top of the screen, click on Notes, Review.
3. Deselect the box under ‘Default’.
4. Double click in the field or on the arrow for the field of the option you would like to change.
Left click on the new option.

Note, in order to change the Height of the Note, you will first need to change the Size of the note to Custom.











Default Character Sizes Increased Slightly

The default sizes in the Character setup have been increased. The text is now larger than before which is helpful for Lite Version users. Since the sizes have now changed units from a point size to drawing units the images will show the difference in sizing between the versions.

The sizes are now Small = 4” Medium = 6” Large = 10” and X-Large = 14”






Notes Within a Symbol Scale
Version 12 has improved the behavior of notes within symbols if the symbol size is changed, the notes will increase or decrease in size accordingly. There are several ways to change the size of a symbol.
  1. Draw a symbol on the drawing that has notes in it. Any symbol from the Detail Library will contain notes.
  2. Click on Edit > Adjust Size. This is a box feature, place the cursor at a location where the entire symbol can be enclosed within the box.
  3. Enclose the symbol within the box. A dialog will appear allowing you to enter a new size, 1.0 is the default size, entering 2 will double the size and entering 0.5 will cut the size in half.
You can also change the size by using the Move > Adjust Item feature.
  1. Click on Move > Adjust item. Place the cursor within the bounds of the symbol and click the mouse.
  2. Expand or contract the symbol and click the mouse. The notes in the symbol will adjust their size accordingly. Editing the symbol for width and depth will change the size of notes as well.












Notes Draw On Top of Other Items

SoftPlan Version 12 has improved the way Notes and Dimension Numbers are displayed on the screen by ensuring that they are always visible when they are drawn over top of other items. This makes the notes easier to read on the screen when working on the drawing. Previous versions would often display notes and dimensions “behind” other items, making them diffucult to read on the screen. This improvement to version 12 ensures that no matter how your notes are positioned in your drawings, the notes will be readable.

  1. Select Notes > Detail Notes… and type a note in an existing drawing.
  2. Select Draw > Shapes > Box.
  3. In the Status bar select the Texture pull down and choose the Solid Fill texture. Also, select the Color box in the status bar and choose a lighter color.
  4. Sketch a solid filled box over the note. The note will still be visible over the box, assuming they are not set to the same color.









Import of Custom Sized Notes from Old Drawings Improved
SoftPlan Version 12 has improved the importing of notes with custom sizes and fonts styles. Older drawings created in DOS versions of the program will now more closely match the size and location of the note when imported into version 12. The program had previously imported the commonly used SPHAND font set to the Default size accurately, but other font styles set to Custom font sizes often imported at a different size compared to the original version the drawing was created in. This is because the same scaling factor was used for all font styles when converting the font sizes from their DOS format to the Windows format. Version 12 now uses a different scale factor for each of the standard SoftPlan font styles resulting in a drawing that imports with more accuracy for all font styles.







Notes in Various Drawing Modes
SoftPlan Version 12 has added the ability to now place both Detail & Overview notes in the various Drawing Modes, and have them visible only in that particular mode. If configured as such, these notes will only then be visible within the mode they were placed in. This allows you to place notes in the various drawing modes, which may only pertain to that specific mode, without necessarily having to save or create a new drawing.
  1. With the plan drawing open select the Mode Menu > Site.
  2. From the menus select Notes > Detail Note.
  3. Click to begin the note, move your cursor in the direction the note is to be, click to open the Note Dialog menu. Type your note.
  4. In the Note Dialog menu you will see the option to check Visible In All Modes. If the note is only to be visible in this particular mode, leave this option unchecked. If you wish to see the note in all drawing modes, simply check this option.
  5. In this case simply select OK. The note is placed.
  6. Now, again select the Mode Menu > Drawing.
  7. It can now be seen that particular note is not visible in the drawing mode, while any notes placed in the drawing mode are still visible.

By default, a detail note will have its Visibility in All Modes option unchecked. This allows you to place and position these types of notes throughout the various drawing modes. An Overview note on the other hand will have its default Visibility In All Modes option checked. In turn, notes such as room names will be visible in all modes unless otherwise specified when creating them.














Character Sizes are Stored in Actual Drawing Units
In Version 12 SoftPlan has changed the way character sizes are measured. Instead of using a point size, an actual unit of measure, inches for Imperial and millimeters for metric, are now being used.
  1. Go to File > Drawing/System Options > Character Setup

    Conversion Chart (for users upgrading from a previous version):
    4 Point = 1.7247”
    5 Point = 2.1565”
    6 Point = 2.5876”
    7 Point = 3.0195”
    8 Point = 3.4503”
    9 Point = 3.8819”
    10 Point = 4.3135”
    15 Point = 6.4700”
    20 Point = 8.6270”
    25 Point = 10.7835”
    30 Point = 12.9405”
    35 Point = 15.0972”
    40 Point = 17.2537”
    45 Point = 19.4107”
    50 Point = 21.5672”














Notes Box Appearance Improved
SoftPlan version 12 has improved the appearance of a note which is enclosed using the box option that is found on the notes dialogue. SoftPlan will now more accurately center the note inside the box.
  1. Select Edit > Edit Item.
  2. Select the note to edit.
  3. Place a checkmark next to the Box option.
  4. Select OK.