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Duplicate Uses Locate
When Edit > Duplicate is used, SoftPlan Version 12 will automatically Locate only items that are the same type as the source object. This will eliminate having to manually select Tools > Locate Type > in order to have SoftPlan select the same type of object as the source. Further, it will cut down on the need to zoom to ensure the selection of same type objects. Duplicate works as follows :
  1. Select Edit > Duplicate.
  2. Select an object whose properties are to be used on other like objects.
  3. Select Ok to close that objects Editing Options.
  4. Click on any object which is the same Type. SoftPlan will only be looking for that object, the aforementioned properties will not beep back in error because it was perceived to have found another type of object.










Multiple Undo and Redo Steps Added
Multiple ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ commands are now available in Version 12. Up to a maximum of 20 ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ commands are possible.

In previous version of SoftPlan, only 1 ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ command was possible. In order for the ‘Redo’ command to work, an ‘Undo’ command must be done first.

  1. Draw several items as shown in the sample drawing.
  2. Move the symbol under (1), edit the stair and double the width under (2), adjust the length of the wall and make it longer under (3), and erase the box under (4).
  3. Press the ‘Undo’ key (backspace button) 4 times. Each time one of the items will be ‘Undone’.
  4. Press the ‘Redo’ key (shift+backspace button) 4 times. Each of the items will be ‘Redone’.

Note: The number of Undo/Redo steps is specified in the system Setup Options.











Repeat Edit Uses Locate
Version 12 has added an automatic locate function when Edit > Repeat Edit is used. SoftPlan Version 12 will automatically locate only items that are the same type as the source item. This eliminates having to select Tools > Locate Type > in order to select which item the changes are to be applied to. Further, it will cut down on the need to zoom in to ensure the selection of same type objects. To use this command:
  1. Edit the properties of the source object with Edit> Edit Item.
  2. Click OK to close the Edit window.
  3. Immediately select Edit > Repeat Edit (if a different command is selected the Repeat Edit will no longer take effect).
  4. Select the next same type object whose properties are to match the same changes just made to the source object.
  5. The change will immediately update on screen. The change can be applied to as many like items as desired.











Reference Points do not Copy
Version 12 of SoftPlan does not copy Reference Points within the drawing anymore.
Copying reference points could cause problems with features that use reference points, such as Overlay and Merge, as it allowed several of the same Reference Points to be placed on the same drawing. This could allow Merge and Overlay to select an incorrect Reference Point.






The "Add" Button on the Configure Library dialog Renamed to "New Library"

Within the Configure Library dialog, SoftPlan’s Library "Add" button has been renamed to "New Library", further helping to distinguish this from "Add Item" button. The button's functionality remains the same as in previous versions.

  1. Select File > System Library.
  2. From the Configure Library dialog, select the Library type. (ie symbols)
  3. Select New Library.
  4. From the Enter Library Name dialog, type in the desired name.
  5. The new library will be listed alphabetically in the Symbol list.
  6. Proceed to add symbols to the new library.









Calculator Now Accepts Keypad Input
The SoftPlan Calculator has been improved in version 12, it will now accept input from the numeric keypad. This differs from earlier versions in that the SoftPlan Calculator would only accept input from the mouse.
  1. To activate the calculator, press ctrl+k. The following keys, on the numeric keypad, will perform the mathematical functions:
    + addition
    - subtraction
    * multiplication
    / division
  2. The Enter key will act as the = button a calculator.
  3. Note: To get feet and inches use the ‘ and “ keys in the alpha section of your keyboard.
  4. To cancel the calculator, press the Esc key.









Drawing Libraries for Openings, Posts, and Cabinets can be Reset to System

A new addition to SoftPlan Version 12 is the ability to reset Opening, Post and Cabinet symbol libraries in a particular drawing to the current System Library. Once a library symbol is added to a drawing, the symbol gets added to the Drawing Library list. Any configuration changes made to the System Library does not affect the symbol in any drawing if the modified symbol exists in that drawing. Now you have the option to reset Opening, Post and Cabinet libraries, allowing for a change in the symbol’s configuration under System Library to be carried through to any drawings that contain the altered symbol, including all SoftList properties such as Cost, Markup, and Sequence Number. In previous version of SoftPlan you could only reset Symbols, Electrical and Speed Note symbol libraries reset Openings, Posts or Cabinets to match the current System configuration.

  1. Select File > System Library and change the Library Type to Openings.
  2. Select an Opening to be modified and choose Edit.
  3. In the Configure Opening dialog, select the SoftList Properties button.
  4. Modify the Cost of the opening.
  5. Select the OK button in the Configure Opening dialog and the Configure Library dialog.
  6. Open an existing drawing that already contains the same opening just modified.
  7. Select File > Drawing Library and change the Library Type to Openings.
  8. Select the library name that contains the modified opening.
  9. Select the Reset button. A message will then display asking you to restore the drawing symbol to match the current system symbol. The cost of the opening in the drawing will now match the modified cost in the System Library.













Mirror Command Added
SoftPlan Version 12 has streamlined the ability to make reverse copies of objects into one simple command called Mirror. Simply use this command to select the objects which are to be copied, followed by a line to indicate the side the reversed copy is to take place.
  1. Select Edit > Mirror.
  2. Sketch a bounding box around the items to be mirrored.
  3. Position the cursor to one side and sketch a line thereby indicating the plane which will be used to create the reversed copy.