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Auto Trace Added
SoftPlan Version 12 has added the ability to now automatically trace a polygon area for use within the Interior drawing mode. Using this feature eliminates the need to “manually” trace the perimeter of an area to apply your interior finishes, and can be used in conjunction with all of the interior finishes available to you.
To best demonstrate this feature open a plan drawing which does not have interior finishes placed, but does however have separate rooms / areas defined. If you do not have a drawing, you can use one of the provided Softplan Sample Drawings.
  1. While in Interior mode select Draw > Flooring > Carpet.
  2. Once you have selected the type of material, the Draw Polygon menu will appear allowing you to select either a Manual Trace, or an Auto Trace. Select Auto Trace
  3. Position the cursor within the area the carpet is to be placed and click.
  4. SoftPlan will use the outlining walls of that particular area to place your interior finish. Once it has done this, it will also calculate the square footage of this finish and add it to the Flooring area window in the top left corner.











Baseboard is Correctly Positioned When the Slab is Non-Structural
When Baseboard is placed along walls it will automatically locate the bottom of the wall for it’s placement. But when a non-structural slab is drawn as the floor system, such as in a finished basement plan, the baseboard material needs to be raised up from the bottom of the wall to the top of the non-structural slab. Version 12 will now compensate for a non-structural slab by automatically raising the baseboard to the top of the slab. Previous versions would have placed the baseboard at the bottom of the wall, and thus would not have been seen in SoftView 3D.
  1. Open an existing plan that contains a non-structural slab.
  2. Change to Interior Mode from the Mode Selector in the top right of the Status Bar.
  3. Select Draw > Baseboard > Baseboard 1 > Auto Trace and click inside a room of the plan to add a perimeter baseboard.
  4. When this plan is viewed in SoftView 3D, the baseboard material will be position on top of the non-structural slab.