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Diagonal Square Added
SoftPlan Version 12 now includes a new dimension command, diagonal square. This new feature will allow for the addition of a dimension to be placed diagonally across the plan to ensure the square of the walls, and should be particularly useful on the layout of a foundation plan both in SoftPlan and in the field.
  1. Select Dimen > Diagonal Square
  2. Select the corner to start the dimension from.
  3. SoftPlan will automatically remove the lock to allow for the dimension line to be dragged across the screen at the necessary angle
  4. Select the opposite corner the dimension is to pull from. SoftPlan will snap to the corner in accordance with the dimension options.
  5. Move the cursor to the side of the diagonal line on screen and click. The distance from the line to the click will determine the length of the extension lines and placement of the dimension line.











Auto Dimensioning Added
Exterior dimensions can now be added in one simple step. Once the necessary settings are input for dimension and extension formats, the Auto Dimension feature can be used to automatically place the exterior dimensions on the plan.
  1. Go to Dimen > Auto Dimension.

Exterior extension and dimension lines will be placed on the current drawing. The first dimension string placed will be from the extensions of openings along a wall. The second will be from the extensions of the wall jogs (if applicable). The outermost dimension string placed will be the overall dimension along a wall.

Note: The space between Dimension lines is controlled with the Extension Spacing Dimension Option.










Dimension Point Added
SoftPlan’s newest dimension feature, dimension point, will now allow for the dimensioning between non-parallel items within Site mode. In previous versions this was unavailable.
  1. Within Site mode select Dimen > Dimension Point.
  2. Place the cursor on the Site Line that the you wish to pull the dimension perpendicular to and click.
  3. The dimension will now be locked to pull at a 90 degree angle from this object.
  4. SoftPlan will allow the start point to “slide” along this line and give flexibility for the positioning of the dimension line.
  5. When the finish point is reached, click the button and the line dimension will be added.

In the example shown, dimensioning the setbacks to a house, which are not necessarily running parallel, can be achieved quickly where previously they could not.









Dimension Arrow Behavior Improved if Wall Thickness Display is On
Version 12 of SoftPlan has improved how Dimension Arrows are displayed inside wall thickness when the Wall Thickness option is on. The program now always points the dimension arrows from outside the wall towards the inside of the wall. Previous versions may have pointed the dimension arrows inside the wall to outside the wall.






Dimension Line Alignment Tolerance
SoftPlan has added an alignment option for dimensions in Version 12. In previous versions there was no option for this but SoftPlan did line up the dimensions. Dimensions that are within a defined distance will automatically align starting on the left for horizontal dimensions and at the top for vertical dimensions.
  1. Go to File > System/Drawing Options > Dimension Options.

· There is a checkbox for ‘Align on Cleanup’ in the lower left of the dialog box. Once checked, SoftPlan will align dimensions that are within the ‘Align Tolerance’ distance. This is a user definable option that is defaulted to 6”.








Dimensions and Extensions Block Copy
Softplan Version 12 dimensions and extensions associated to objects now have the ability to move along with the objects being copied using Block Copy. This feature eliminates the need to re-extension and re-dimension objects that need to be copied elsewhere within the drawing plan.
  1. Select Move > Copy Block.
  2. Select FROM to start to draw the expanding box for the selection trace.
  3. Draw the expanding box so that it includes the object(s) and it’s associated dimensions and extensions.
  4. Once they are included in the selection trace select TO.
  5. Now the objects can be moved to the desired location on the drawing. Click TO to place the objects.
  6. Dimensions and Extensions will be copied with the object(s).










SoftPlan Fonts Add a Zero to Fractional Dimensions
When entering a dimensional value and the fraction is less than one full inch, Softplan Version 12 will place a zero to represent the number of inches.
  1. Select Edit > Edit Item or double left click on the dimension number to edit.
  2. Enter the value (ie. 17’0.0313) indicating the feet and decimal value for the inches.
  3. Choose the direction to move the dimension and the value will be changed on screen to display the fraction as 17’ 0 1/32”.
  4. The inches are now being represented by the zero displaying the dimension precisely in feet and inches.








Dimensioning in Various Drawing Modes
SoftPlan Version 12 has added the ability to now place extensions and dimensions in the various Drawing Modes. These dimensions will only then be both visible and editable within the mode they were placed in. This in turn will allow you to place and edit dimensions from certain items in the various drawing modes, eliminating the need to toggle between modes to alter your dimensions.

You will need to open a drawing which contains dimensions in Softplan. If you do not have a drawing, you can use one of the provided Softplan Sample Drawings.

  1. With the plan drawing open select the Mode Menu > Floor System
    · Ensure that both Extensions and Dimensions are checked in the Visible Items menu in order for them to be displayed. This can be done through Options >Visible items.
  2. From the menus select Dimen > Single Extension
  3. Place your extension lines on the drawing
  4. From the menus select Dimen > Dimension
  5. Place your dimensions on the drawing

· Both the extension and dimension lines that you had placed will be visible, in the mode you had placed them in. If you do however switch to one of the other drawing modes, these dimensions will not be visible.













Simplified Imperial Dimensions
Softplan Version 12 has simplified the input of imperial dimensions in inches. The values can now be entered without the need for an inches indicator. For example, if 16” is needed to be entered in a selected command, input 16, which will be displayed in the status bar, followed by the TO key. The item will draw, move, etc. at 16”.
To use this feature:
  1. Select the desired command.
  2. Start the command with the FROM key.
  3. Enter the desired value in inches using the keyboard (the value you enter will display in the status bar) and choose the direction to draw, move, etc. using the cursor keys.
  4. Hit the TO key to end the command.
The item will draw, move, etc. at the entered value without the need for using the inches indicator, thus saving steps in the drawing process.










Auto Dimension Side Added
Version 12 has expanded upon the dimensioning tools. The Auto Dimension Side command allows the selection of one side of the plan and generates complete dimensions that originate from that edge only. Depending upon the Dimension and Extension format settings, the command will run dimension strings along the selected side accordingly.
  1. Select Dimen > Auto Dimension Side.
  2. Click the From button on a wall on the side of the floor plan to be dimensioned.
  3. SoftPlan places the dimensions along this side only.








Dimension Tails
The Dimension Tail performance has improved with SoftPlan Version 12. If all three options for Line Through Wall, Show Tails, and Wall Thickness are unchecked, then no tails will appear for the dimensions.
  1. Go to File > System/ Drawing Options > Dimension Options. Uncheck Line Through Wall, Show Tails, and Wall thickness.







Extensions Do Not Pull From Items if Their Visibility is Off
Version 12 has improved Extensions so that they will not pull off of objects if their Visibility option has been turned off.
  1. In SoftPlan, load a floorplan. At the top of the SoftPlan window, select Options.
  2. Click on Visible Items.
  3. In the Drawing Items section, uncheck Extensions and click the OK button.
  4. Add an Extension to the drawing. A message will appear indicating ‘The object you are drawing is not visible. Please go to Options > Visible Items… to change this setting.’