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Non-Printing Items Now Have a Color Selection
A new color selection has been added to the Assign Color option in System/Drawing Options. Construction Color is now used to control items that do not print.
  1. Go to File > System Options > Assign Color.
  2. Select the Miscellaneous Item Group under the Group Colors section.
The following is a list of items that are affected by Construction Color:
  • Non-Print Notes
  • Joist poly reference side mark
  • Joist poly vertex mark
  • Opening exterior treatment and keystone in plan view
  • Enlarged Dimensions with ctrl+Q
  • Construction Point
  • Stair Construction Point
  • Wall end treatment such as corner boards and quoins in plan view
  • Deck vertex mark
  • Deck surface vertex mark
  • Paint seed point
  • Shot point, enlarged digits (ctrl+Q)
  • Site line dimensions, enlarged digits (ctrl+Q)














SoftPlan no Longer Supports 256 Color Mode
SoftPlan Version 12 has improved upon the quality of the images produced by SoftView. Because of the enhanced features in SoftView, the program will no longer support display modes configured at 256 colors or less. If your system is not configured for High Color (16 bit) or greater, a warning message will appear and the program will not start until the display mode is appropriately configured.
Refer to your Windows documentation on how to change the number of colors your monitor displays.