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Placement of Cabinets Next to Each Other Improved
Version 12 has improved the program's ability to automatically place one cabinet next to another. When you draw a cabinet along a wall, the back of the cabinet will snap the edge of the wall. Also, a cabinet drawn next to an existing cabinet will automatically snap the new cabinet next to the existing cabinet and bind them together to form a continuous cabinet run. Cabinets can also be bound together back to back as in the case of an island. The placement of cabinets next to each other has improved compared to previous versions to avoid cabinet binding together when not desired. An example of this is two cabinets on opposite sides of a wall. Previous version may have snapped the cabinets together back to back through the wall as the distance between each cabinet was within their snap tolerance. Version 12 now recognizing the wall between the two cabinet runs and no longer snaps them together.









Counter Tops Have Pen Selection Increased to 16
Counter Tops Pen Selection has increased to 16. Previous versions of SoftPlan would only have 8 pens to choose from.
  1. Load a drawing that has cabinets.
  2. Click on Edit > Edit Item. Click on the Cabinets.
  3. Click on the Cabinet Run / Counter Top tab.
  4. Click on Print so that it is selected.
  5. At the end of the Print Pen text field, click on the down arrow button, the selection here has been increased to 16 from 8.








Placing of Cabinets Next to Walls Improved
The placement of cabinets next to walls is improved. Previously, when parallel walls were drawn in close proximity, an edit of the cabinet to remove it from cleanup would sometimes be necessary in order that the cabinet maintained its placement. This step is no longer required
  1. Select Draw > Cabinet >Plan View > Library.
  2. Click the insertion point of the cabinets.
  3. Move the cursor in the direction to drawn the front of the cabinet and click.
  4. SoftPlan will snap the cabinet to the wall.







Reverse of Cabinets Improved
Version 12 has improved the program's ability to automatically reverse plan view cabinets. Once a run of cabinets, or an entire floor plan is reversed, the cabinets will now reverse with more predictable results. The result is a more accurate reversal of a floor plan, including all cabinet layouts.
  1. Open an existing plan that contains a run of cabinets.
  2. Select Edit > Reverse.
  3. Form an expanding box that fully encompasses the entire floor plan layout, including the cabinets.
  4. Specify a direction for the reversal.
  5. The plan, including the cabinets will properly reverse.