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Why are my 1/8" increment fractions not displaying or not displaying correctly on screen or when printed?

Non-SoftPlan fonts may not support the special characters required by the fraction. Changing to a SoftPlan font, ones that start with SP, will correct this.You can also perform the following steps to set up an environment variable, which separates the fraction into individual characters instead of using the special character.

For Win9x:
1. Open Windows Explorer/ My Computer. Open the C: drive and right-click on the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Select ‘Edit’.
2. To set this environment variable, the following line must be added: set SPNOFRACTIONFONT=1
This must be on a line by itself, exactly as shown. Once the line has been added and saved to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, the system will need to be rebooted in order for the change to take effect.

For Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Vista:
1A) For XP: Go to Start> Control panel> System> Advanced> Environment Variables. Proceed to step 2.
1B) For Windows 2000: Go to Start> Settings> System> Advanced> Environment Variables. Proceed to step 2.
1C) For Windows Vista: Go to Start icon in lower left corner of screen > Settings > System > Advanced Settings > Environment Variables. Proceed to step 2.
2) In the System Variables section, add a new variable: SPNOFRACTIONFONT=1
3) Restart the computer.

Version(s): 13 +
Another way to correct this issue is by going to File > System Options > Character Setup. In the section for Fractional Characters, select 'Expand'. 

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