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What type of computer does SoftPlan require?

SoftPlan can be run on any current generation PC which is 100% IBM® compatible and uses the Windows® Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems along with an Intel® or equivalent processor. SoftPlan is not compatible with the Apple® Mac OS®, including when used on a computer with an Intel processor. In addition, configurations such as terminal or server operating systems as well as the Linux and Sun® Solaris™ operating systems are not supported. It may also be possible to run SoftPlan on those earlier versions of the Windows operating system which are still supported by Microsoft®.

This chart is the MINIMUM recommended computer, SoftPlan will run on some lesser computers and of course a more capable computer would be better:


Desktop PC




2.4 GHz dual core


1.6 GHz quad core


2.4 GHz dual core

Video Card

see link

see link

Input Device

2 button mouse

2 button integrated pointing device

Operating System

Windows Vista® SP2 32-bit

System RAM

2 GB

Dedicated Video RAM

512 MB

Program Installation Requirements

5GB of free hard drive space

DVD drive

Additional Requirements

USB port

internet connection

Some additional technical details:
• SoftPlan can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
• SoftPlan will take advantage of dual core and hyper threading processors

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Some more detailed hardware information for users of SoftPlan 2014:  

Processor (CPU) 


Minimum:  2.4 GHz dual core. 


Preferred:  Multiple (4+) Cores and Hyper Threading will provide considerable benefits when working in 3D, less noticeable but still desirable for non-3D work. They are also more important than raw processor speed.


Graphics (Video) Card 


Minimum:  DirectX11 support, 512 MB dedicated RAM. 


Preferred:  DirectX 11 support, 1 GB+ dedicated RAM. The higher the number of pixel shaders, vertex shaders, and stream processors the better the resulting 3D performance will be in all modes but Rendered. SoftPlan Rendered mode uses the CPU and not the graphics card, and this is where the multiple cores will really come into play.  


Exclusions:  Workstation class graphics cards, such as the Quadro series, are generally not recommended as they tend to deliver poor performance when used with SoftPlan, which is designed to take advantage of features provided by so called ‘gaming’ cards, features which most workstation cards lack. 


Limitations:  Integrated graphics (i.e. no separate graphics card) often do not have dedicated RAM, instead sharing memory with the system in general. This is common with both laptop and desktop computers and can result in inferior performance as compared to that of a separate graphics card. 


System RAM 


Minimum:  2 GB. 


Preferred:  8 GB+ In general “more is better,” but there is a point where adding more no longer provides a significant performance boost. Where that point will be however is difficult to predict. 


Operating System 


Minimum:  Windows Vista SP2 32-bit 


Preferred:  Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit 


Limitations:  Windows XP is not recommended due to its lack of DirectX 11 support. 32-bit operating systems will allow SoftPlan to run but are not recommended as they are limited in their amount of available RAM. 


General Caveat 


Because a computer is comprised of numerous components each with unique performance

capabilities it is impossible to recommend an ‘ideal system,’ nor can recommendations on specific brands or hardware components be made. 


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