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SoftPlan Version 14

“SoftPlan Version 14 is a huge hit … SoftPlan gives me control of the 3D model which is something not easily done in AutoCAD®. SoftPlan Version 14 is very content rich, in fact the best I have seen from any program.”

Michael A. Collazo, AIBD, CPBD, Professional Residential Designer, Tampa, FL

Version 14 builds on SoftPlan’s strongest features to create a program that has both increased power for experienced users and enhanced accessibility for new users. 

I just bought the Version 14 upgrade and can't live without it. The improvements and additions to it are simply awesome! Tech support has always been phenomenal in their response time and their ability to solve problems.

Chris Proost, GW Homes, LLC in Mechanicsville, VA

Day-to-day operations within the software contain tools and features that increase the efficiency of the base program. Additional modules such as SoftView and SoftList have been streamlined to offer more functionality. Renderings in SoftView are now more practical for users, as images can be enhanced with less effort using rendering modes that add artistic touches automatically. Estimating in SoftList allows a greater level of integration with the ability to synchronize pricing information from outside database sources.

"I would greatly recommend making the jump. I've found just the simple things have saved me A LOT of time in plan preparation and completion and the new functionality of the rendering modes is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend upgrading."

John Honea, Olde South Design Studios in Snellville, GA 

Download Version 14 Upgrade Brochure

This web page provides a listing of the top new features in Version 14.  An extensive list of the other important features that have been included in the program can be found through the link below.

"V14 is a huge hit in my opinion! I love the rendering modes in SoftView. It allows you to do an awful lot with the options and makes editing very simple. I feel that SoftView gives me complete control of the model which is something not as easily done in Autodesk®. I love that I can now rotate the rendered mode round and round, plus draw openings, profiles, roof, floor, and ceilings in 3D. Silhouette and smoothing is also very welcomed. All in all, Version 14 is very content rich. There is more of everything such as a great selection of furniture, trees, vehicles, and manufacturer products including Sub-Zero, Kohler, Herman Miller, etc. In fact, the best I have seen of any program."

Michael A. Collazo, AIBD, CPBD, Professional Residential Designer in Tampa, FL

What's New in SoftPlan Version 14

In these movies listed below, you’ll see a narrated step-by-step overview of some of the major new features of SoftPlan Version 14.

Movie 1 (runtime 2:26 minutes)

Topic Covered: 
- Overview of Some of the Major New Features

Movie 2 (runtime 4:56 minutes)

Topics Covered:
- Auto Dimension Command
- Information Popup
- Selection Sets

Movie 3 (runtime 6:27 minutes)

Topics Covered:
 Display Print Pen Styles
- Building Options
- Layers
Movie 4 (runtime 3:46 minutes)

Topics Covered: 
 Partial Option Added to the Multi Drawing
- Paste from Windows Clipboard

Movie 5 (runtime 6:24 minutes)

Topics Covered:
- Illustrated & Sketched Mode
- Draw Menu Item Added to SoftView
- Save Elevations, Sections, and Roof Plans Has an Option to Control What Items Are Replaced if a Previous Version of a Drawing Exists

Movie 6 (runtime 6:00 minutes)

Topics Covered:
- SoftList Materials Will Export to QuickBooks®
- SoftList Will Communicate with Any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
- Estimating an Imported CAD or Image File

Movie 7 (runtime 7:52 minutes)

Topics Covered:
 Import/Export of .3DS and SketchUp® Files

- 3D reView
“Having been a SoftPlan devotee since Version 9, I have to comment about some of the really nice features of Version 14. My appreciation of Version 14 is in the more mundane day-to-day operation of the program such as the right click pop-up menu, the paste from Windows clipboard, having Auto Dimension and Extension Command in System Options, and having drawings available from the toolbar dropdown menu including multis. 99% of the time I am thrilled with Version 14. I would encourage anyone contemplating the upgrade to go for it.”
Carole Chapman, of Chapman Building Design in Healdsburg, CA
1.Information Popup Added to the Right Mouse Button
Selecting the right mouse button presents a context appropriate menu. If there are multiple items near the cursor, a locate type menu appears. The menu selection then changes depending on the type of object under the cursor to display appropriate drawing actions. If no object is under the cursor, a mode appropriate draw menu will appear. This feature greatly reduces the amount of mouse movement required when working in SoftPlan, enhancing the drawing speed. 


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2. Profiles Added to Beams Allowing for Creations of Shapes
Wall Materials can be defined with user defined Profiles. The Profile shapes are stacked directly on top of each other when the wall is viewed in SoftView. A Log wall is an example of a material that would be defined this way.
3. reView 3D Added
SoftPlan reView 3D allows SoftPlan reView users to send the 3D SoftView model to clients for viewing. The free reView client viewer will allow full navigation, outside and inside, of the SoftView authored 3D model. The clients will view the model in the mode that it was authored in. For example, if a model was in sketched mode when it was authored, then it will appear sketched to the client. Traditionally client model viewing is accomplished via animation files that are time consuming to create, quite large in size, and limited in what they show. reView 3D provides a much more dynamic client experience. 
4. Highlight Material Command Added to SoftList
A material in SoftList is now connected directly to an item in SoftPlan. Select a material on a generated material list, and select Highlight entities, and the items on the SoftPlan drawing that were used in the calculation of that material automatically display. For example, if material Sill Gasket is selected from the report, Highlight material will display the floor plan and highlight all the walls that have a sill gasket. 
5.Illustrated and Sketched Mode Added to SoftView
SoftView contains two new modes. Both present the model in a less rigid way. Sketch emulates a hand sketched look while Illustrated shows the model as it would appear drawn in pen and ink. Both allow for the optional inclusion of textures and shadows to create varied appearance within the mode.

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6. Paste from Windows Clipboard Added
The contents of a Windows clipboard can be pasted directly into the SoftPlan drawing. Four types of items can be created in the drawing: Text places unformatted text into the drawing, Multi Format Text is used to paste text from applications such as Microsoft Word that maintains all formatting, Metafile Image for items from Excel, and Image for raster files including raster versions of PDF files. 
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7. Step Wall Command Added
Based on the inputs of number, length, height and start point of step, the Step Wall command takes the existing wall and automatically creates individual wall sections of required length, height and offset. 

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8. Import/Export of .3DS Files and SketchUp®Files Added to SoftView
The new Symbol Wizard command allows 3D symbols to be imported directly from SketchUp®. 3DS files, the native file format for 3D studio®, can also be imported directly by the Symbol Wizard. The addition of .3DS and .KMZ to the existing .DXF and .DWG should make most 3D content available for import into SoftPlan. 

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9. Selection Sets Added for Item, Type, and Group Selection Sets
Operations in SoftPlan can be performed on sets of items. Selection sets are created by holding the control key and picking the items to add to the set. Once the set is created, the action to be performed is chosen. For example, if you wanted to erase some unrelated items on a drawing you would press and hold the control key with the mouse select or cross the items to be erased (they will highlight). Once the set is complete, release the control key, and select erase. The entire content of the set will be removed. 

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10. SoftList Materials Will Export to QuickBooks® Estimates And Purchase Orders
SoftList integrates directly with QuickBooks®. A SoftList report or portion of a report can be exported into the QuickBooks® accounting system. The information will import into QuickBooks® as your choice of an Estimate or a Purchase Order by simply opening both QuickBooks® and SoftPlan, highlighting the information you wish to move and selecting export. This opens up a new level of integration for the majority of SoftPlan users; those that use QuickBooks® for their accounting. 



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Other Top Features:

Save Elevations, Sections, and Roof Plans Has an Option to Control What Items Are Replaced if a Previous Version of a Drawing Exists 
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If a generated drawing like an elevation or section is saved over an existing version of the same drawing, any items that were placed on the original can be automatically merged into the new drawing. To change a gable roof to a hip on a fully annotated, dimensioned, and painted elevation is as simple as saving the revised elevation and opting to maintain the user drawn items from the original.
Room Design Size Option Added 
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In Room Mode edit, select Design Size; a rounded size is added to the drawing. These sizes are enabled on an individual room basis, and would typically be associated with design or presentation drawings.
Details Symbols Added 

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Over 150 new detail symbols have been added to the Details folder. These include standard 2"x6" details and the contents of the SoftPlan Details CD developed by West Coast CADD.
Partial Option Added to the Multi Drawing Command 
Multi Drawing allows a partial drawing to be added to a Multi Drawing. Selecting Display Portion of Drawing prompts for the part of the drawing to be displayed and the scale to be used. This will be useful for displaying portions of a large drawing at an increased scale for detailing purposes.
Room Finish Schedule Added 
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The Roof Finish Schedule command has been added. Information for Ceiling, Flooring, Wall Covering, Baseboard, Chair Rail, Crown Mold, and Bulkhead for all the floors in the house can be automatically added to the schedule.
Enhanced Symbol Libraries 

Several of the existing symbol libraries have been enhanced. The enhancements include the addition of hundreds of highly detailed textured 3D models. The furniture libraries include new folders of armchairs, beds, chairs, sofas, stools, coffee tables, dining tables, and end tables. The vehicles folder includes European and American models for several cars of different size and color. Additions to the decorative post library contain 20 highly detailed columns; Corinthian and Doric for example.
SoftView: Draw Opening Command 
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The Draw Opening command is available in SoftView. This allows placement of windows and doors directly onto the 3D model, elevation, or cross section.
Difference Command Added 
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The Difference command is used to compare the changes between two versions of the same drawing. Using the Difference command allows you to highlight the changes that have been made between the current drawing and another selected version of the drawing.
Ability to Lock Layers and Building Options Added 
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A Lock selection is available on both the Layer Setup and Building Options dialogs. Items assigned to the Building Option or Layer cannot be erased or moved.
Takeoff Highlight Tool Added 
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In the new SoftList mode a Takeoff Item Type is available. A Takeoff is user definable in name, color, and size. It can be placed automatically or manually on a drawing and appears as a highlighter would on a printed page.Once the Takeoff is placed, information such as area, perimeter, and volume is reported. This tool is useful to both enhance SoftList material calculations and work as a standalone tool for quick, easy, and accurate queries. For example, a Takeoff could be used to calculate your volume of heated space by simply tracing the perimeter of the conditioned space. Takeoffs works best on SoftPlan drawings as information such as wall heights is available but can also be used as a way for SoftList to calculate quantities for any drawing source (.DXF, .DWG, .JPG, etc.)
Dimension Numbers Are Automatically Placed to Avoid Other Items 
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When dimension strings are placed, the dimension numbers are automatically placed in such a way as to avoid other items that are already present on the drawing.
Rod & Shelf Command Allows Multiple Shelves 
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The Rod & Shelf edit allows for placement of multiple shelves. Users control the
number, depth, offset, and spacing of the shelves. This is useful in designing closets, as well as, for items such as bookshelves, if the rod is excluded.
Auto Extension & Dimension Command Added 
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The Auto Dimension and Extension Command has been added to System Options. When selected, the dimension and extensions are placed on items such as walls and openings as they are drawn.
Draw Profile Command Added to SoftView 
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Version 14 allows many items to be drawn or placed directly on the 3D model. In addition to items such as roofs and openings, a new item type, Profile, can be added directly to the model. A user defined shape is extruded along a three dimensional poly line. This can be used to place items such as a complex frieze.
Beam End Profiles 
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The beam end style can be specified in edit beam end style, in addition to the Plumb and Rake settings with the ability to set the profile through Beam. This is set by assigning a user definable profile and is used for creating items such as decorative pergolas.
Add Companion Material Added to SoftList 
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The Add Companion Material command has been added which automatically adds items to the SoftList Material report based on the presence of an item on the drawing. For example if you want to list a wax ring each time a toilet is drawn, to add a companion material simply edit the item on the drawing, select the SoftList tab, and Add Companion Material. Enter the name of the material being added and the cost. This is a quick and easy way to modify the way SoftList calculates the materials list.
Lines in Elevation Are on a Different Layer Than Lines in Section on a Saved Cross Section 
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When a Cross Section is saved, items in the Elevation are automatically saved to a different layer than a line from the same type of item that is cut by the section line. For example, the footing lines that display in the background are placed on Layer "Footing.” The footing lines cut by the section are placed on layer "Footing X." This will make the lines and pens easier to manage.
Generated Grade Lines Automatically Display a Shot Point at Each End Indicating Height 
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Grade Lines can have the elevation changed via the edit dialog. Select the Site Polygon tab from the Edit Grade Line dialog and the elevation for the entire grade line can be changed at once. Editing the elevation of a grade line automatically changes the elevation for all the shot points along the grade line. This will make creation of site topography easier.
Repeat Edit Added to Dimension 
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Dimensions can now be modified via Repeat Edit. Both the Dimension value and the direction arrow, which indicates what items to move, are repeated.
Attribute Fields Added to Symbols 
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Attribute fields have been added to Symbols. These are user definable text fields contained within the Symbol that can be modified without exploding the Symbol. Attributes can be used, for example, to fill out items like a sheet number on a title block by editing the title block symbol and selecting the Attribute tab.
Enhanced Site Polygon Entry 
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Site Polygons can be placed either with a line/spline boundary or as a line with a width assigned. For example, a patio may be drawn as a polygon enclosed with lines. A planting bed may be a closed spline, a driveway a 20' wide object centered on the garage door, and the walk as a 4' wide object that has the edges aligned with the house. The ability to place site polygons as a line based polygon, makes drawing site plans easier.
ODBC Connections Can Be Made to Outside Data Sources that Can Be Stored 
Externally to SoftList in any ODBC Compliant Database via the Price Table
SoftList can communicate with any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant data source.

This allows items such as prices to be automatically kept up to date by accessing information that is stored somewhere other than SoftList. For example, item pricing can be stored in a purchasing system or a Microsoft ® Excel spreadsheet and updated automatically, so there is no need to input pricing that exists in another ODBC data source into SoftList.
.DWF Import and Export Added to reView 

.DWF Import and Export has been added to SoftPlan review. This allows SoftPlan reView users to import and export the Autodesk® file format
Unlimited Number of Layers Can Be Created 

The Add Layer Command has been added to Version 14 to allow an unlimited number of Layers to be defined.
Automatic Labeling Added to Stairs 

When you edit a stair the following automatic labeling functions are now available; Add Direction Arrow, Add Riser Count, and Add Break.
Display Print Pen Style 

Display Print Pen Style option has been added to the Visible Items dialog. When selected, the Print Pen thickness as set in Configure Print Pen Styles will display to the screen.
Opening Trim Taper Option 

Opening Trim Taper option has been added to the Exterior Trim tab of the Edit Opening dialog. This option forces the sides or ends of the trim above the opening to follow the slope of the Keystone. This can be used to create sloped soldier courses or to angle the end of wood or stucco trim.
Attic Truss Type Added 

Attic Truss has been added to the Style selections on the Edit Truss dialog. In addition to style, Attic Width and Height are specified.
Enhanced Tree Libraries 

The Tree Libraries have been enhanced in Version 14. The additions for use
within SoftView include Palm Tree, Medium Surface Count, and High Surface Count tree libraries.
Enhanced Texture Libraries 

The Texture library has been enhanced. Approximately 2 GB of textures are included on a separate 3D symbols and textures DVD. These textures include backgrounds, bricks, concrete, site, roofs, stone, and more. The textures are tileable where applicable. Appropriate Height maps and Alpha maps are also included where applicable.
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